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Every now and then, new Instagram tools appear regularly to help users gain more followers and engagement. However, they end up being closed because of poor service, such as Muchfollowers. Find out more about Muchfollowers and why it was 100% a scam. 

Instagram has become a hub of activity for every age, whether you’re using it for a business purpose or for getting a big fan following. The platform is a huge cornerstone for driving leads, increasing sales and brand awareness, or sharing your talent.

However, getting popularity and building a brand image on Instagram is not easy nowadays. Especially with so much competition and new brands entering the market. That’s why many brands and influencers rely on tools that can provide them with an early boost of followers and profile engagement rate. 

With so much demand for outsourcing followers and engagement, many scams are happening too. New software and tools are rapidly launched (and then rapidly closed) that claim to outsource followers, likes, and engagements but turn out to be another scam.

To help you save your money and invest it in a profitable deal, we have reviewed another Instagram growth tool, “Muchfollowers.” A faux Instagram growth tool claimed to provide genuine followers and engagement but soon ended up being closed because of its lack of legitimacy.

If you want to look at a few more possibilities for Instagram growth, the table below offers several noteworthy services, so be sure to have a look!

Growth ServiceAverage RatingPrice
Gramfuel.io4.3Check Price
HOOTVIEW4.1Check Price
Tableview4.0Check Price

A Quick Overview of Muchfollowers

Muchfollowers was a tool that claimed to provide huge Instagram followers, likes, and engagement. According to reviews, their website used to show that they had serviced 100000 plus happy customers. The website had a generic look, and it was not that attention-grabbing, which is mostly expected from a business mainly based on an online presence. 

Their bragging about happy customers and promises of providing legit service could not last so long, and it ended up being closed. However, looking at a scammy Instagram growth service and learning about what made it a scam can give you ideas of what to avoid while searching for a legitimate provider.

What Did Muchfollowers Offer?

Muchfollowers claimed to offer quick genuine followers, likes, and comments. It also promised quick turnaround times, excellent quality, and great customer service. Their standard orders were completed within 24 hours or sooner (depending on package size), and they never required your password. But, their service was never legit, and people always complained about them. 

On one hand, they bragged about fast delivery, customer support, and this and that but their terms of service opposed what they claimed to provide.

They did not guarantee that your followers would interact with your uploads or take responsibility if the purchase was delivered late and there was no money back. They did not provide any sort of promise once the order was finished. It seems like they were not clear about their procedure of work and the timings it will take. 

Muchfollowers Pricing Packages

We cannot view their official site as it is no longer available, but according to their reviews, their pricings were much cheaper than any usual service. Muchfollowers offered prices that seemed too good to be true, and unfortunately, they were. 

They offered a variety of packages for 250 to 50k followers, but their pricing didn’t go above $29! How could a service possibly provide that amount of followers at such a lower price? Now that was another red flag. 

screenshot of followers package pricing

All the tariff plans come with these four promises:

  • 100% safe
  • Delivery within 24 hours
  • No password is needed
  • 24/7 customer support. 

The last one, on the other hand, was a bit deceptive. There was no customer care available 24 hours a day. The only method to contact Muchfollowers was to fill out a form on their website and wait for a response.

Services like these can’t provide what they claim at this much lower price unless it’s a bot service. 

Muchfollowers Customer Reviews

As the service is no longer available, you cannot find any reviews online either. Even before, there were no Trustpilot reviews available about Muchfollowers. 

muchfollowers Trustpilot disabled page

One of the most concerning elements about Muchfollowers was that Trustpilot had deleted their reviews. The newly launched company’s website has been entirely deleted, all traces of Trustpilot reviews have vanished, and Muchfollowers is nowhere to be found. 

This alone suggests that they were not nearly as popular as they claim and that there’s something fishy going on.

If you go to ScamAdviser and look for Muchfollowers, you’ll find some concerning information. The website’s previous trust score is 52 percent, and it has been labeled as an unavailable website. The website’s owner was also unknown (even still unknown).

screen capture of muchfollowers feedback on scamadviser

Muchfollowers Pros and Cons

Though the service is no longer available, we have listed its pros and cons to help you better distinguish between a legitimate vs. a scam service.

Fast delivery
No customer support was available 
It offered a huge following for a meager priceNo refund policy
No reviews on Trustpilot
It provided Bot followers which often result in an Instagram account being banned.

Key Takeaway: What We must Learn From Muchfollowers

Muchfollowers was one of those tools that became popular so soon and went out of business even more quickly. Their catchy pricing to claims of providing huge Instagram fan-following has disappeared into thin air so does their website. 

However, this is an important lesson for any company, brand, or influencer that gets caught in the grip of tempting pricing and the desire to gain many followers quickly.

We understand the importance of a huge following and that Instagram growth tools are a blessing if their service is legit. Many scam tools are available today, but some legit apps are available in the market too. These sites offer genuine services (followers, likes, comments) at reasonable prices, like “Skweezer.”

Summing Up

It’s far more challenging to accumulate a big following than it seems, but with the aid of an excellent Instagram growth service, it’s not out of reach. However, be wary of any service that claims it can deliver you rapid Instagram followers at low prices in minutes. It sounds appealing, but there’s a good chance it’s a fraud. You could also end up having your Instagram account spammed or blocked.

With all the scam tools that have saturated the market in recent years, it’s tough to find an excellent service that is a reliable Instagram growth tool. By reading the above review of Muchfollowers, you can discern which tools are effective and safe to use versus those that are scams.

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