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Running a successful Instagram business isn’t as easy as it might look. With high competition and changing algorithms, valuable content management systems and intelligent tools for IG are a must. Read on for the best tools for running a successful Instagram business for individuals and brands.


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Why Use Instagram as an Influencer or a Business?

Best 5 Tools to Run a Successful Instagram Business

  1. Skweezer
  2. Linktree
  3. VSCO
  4. Kenji
  5. Hootsuite

With over 1.4 billion active users, Instagram has become a go-to platform for creating an online brand, marketing your store/services, and getting a big fan following. 

The tricky part is, acquiring a huge following to lead to your brand’s success is difficult to achieve and maintain, especially as Instagram is becoming even more competitive. We’ve rounded up some of the most recommended tools for running a successful Instagram business. 

Why Use Instagram as an Influencer or a Business?

With almost one and a half billion monthly active users, it’s an ideal place to market your product/service to a big crowd. This increases the chances of driving more people to your website/business channels, leading to a bigger bottom line. 

Medium to small businesses can use the app to make a large audience aware of their services/products and grow their brand visibility. The engagement aspect of Instagram as a visual social media platform also allows consumers to feel connected to the brand’s personality and develop a relationship that leads to long-term loyal customers. 

Best 5 Tools to Run a Successful Instagram Business

#1: Skweezer

Skweezer is a website that provides its users with an organic following on Instagram. You can get likes, comments, views, and followers by sharing your content via their platform. The main mission of this tool is to provide a super fast way of growing your Instagram.

skweezer a business tool for your instagram

Why Consider Skweezer?

If you want a service that can provide a fast and large influx of followers, likes, and genuine engagement, Skweezer is a good choice. They offer you different packages to choose from; you can simply buy only followers, likes, and comments, or receive an all-in-one comprehensive package. 

Who is Skweezer for?

We recommended this tool if you are:

  • A small to medium business owner aiming to increase brand awareness. 
  • A content creator who is looking to increase your fanbase. 
  • An influencer trying to increase your page engagement. 

Where can you Sign-up to Skweezer?

Skweezer is really easy to sign-up for and use. To start using Skweezer, simply:

  1. Go to their website first
  2. Then select a service from the menu, scroll down and pick a package
  3. Enter your Instagram account and email address.
  4. There’s no need for a password; the elected package will appear in the falling menu under the email field. 

If you’re looking for the top Instagram business tools, we recommend Skweezer. You may give it a go or read our review of their service.

#2: Linktree

Linktree is a recommended website for creating a customized page that will hold any link to your website, products, courses, social media channels, email lists, etc. It is an easy way to create a single link that contains a list of multiple further links. It’s perfect for social media pages that only allow single links in the bio of your profile, like Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, etc.


Why Consider Linktree?

Linktree makes it easy to embed all of your business links in a single place. The website gives you a single custom link, and allows you to customize your ‘linktree’ list page in different ways.  

Creating a single link helps you engage and transfer your audience effortlessly from one platform to another. The website offers a bulk of features on its free version. The tool also offers starter, premium, and pro packages.

With paid programs, you get access to your follower’s email addresses, schedule your next sharings, embed paid funnels on your Linktree, have customized imagery in the background, and much more. 

Who is Linktree for?

Linktree is suitable for you if you are: 

  • A business that is marketing various products, services, and offerings on your social media platform.
  • An influencer who wants to transfer his audience to multiple platforms, pieces of content, or have a direct way for users to sign-up to email lists and subscriptions.
  • Tired of changing your bio link whenever you share something new with your audience. 

Where can you Sign-up to Linktree?

You can sign-up and start using Linktree via their official website and get their app via Applestore or the Google play store. 

To Create an Account: 

  1. Go to their official website or download their app.
  2. Click on the get start button to try it for free. 
  3. Once you click, the software will redirect you to a signup page.
  4. On the signup page, put your information and email address.

Let the easy link sharing begin!

#3: VSCO

How can we possibly discuss Instagram and not mention a tool that adds charm to your photos and videos? VSCO is a tool for glossing fascinating effects to images and videos. 

Isco homepage

Why Consider VSCO?

The tool is an ideal choice if you focus on creating compelling pictures/videos. It lets you edit photos and videos by choosing from more than 200 filters. It also provides a chance to up your following indirectly by making you a part of their popular VSCO hashtag community.

Who is VSCO for?

VSCO is for a range of people, from casual Instagram users to professional photographers. We suggest this app to you if you are: 

  • A digital marketer looking for ways to enhance your brand’s marketing campaign.
  • An influencer looking to add some touch-ups and branding to photos and videos.
  • A small to medium business owner, for adding preset effects to products’ images.  

More features include:

  • Creating GIFs
  • Creating galleries in VSCO spaces
  • Collaging and montaging images
  • Tools like HSL and FX

How to Signup for VSCO?

You can download their app via the google play store and the App store. 

Once you download the app:

  1. Click on the sign-up button
  2. You can sign-up via your Facebook, email address, or phone number.
  3. Once you provide the above information, you will be redirected to your dashboard.  

The app lets you use ten free filters. For more filters, you have to pay a monthly fee of $7.99

#4: Kenji

Kenji is a bot tool that provides followers, engagement, and likes. It is easy to use and does not require you to have any technical information. 

Kenji homepage

Why Consider Kenji?

It’s worth trying out, as the bot helps you get more audience and engagement on your Instagram. It’s a safe website that utilizes bot technology and works on any device efficiently. With its artificial intelligence, you can maximize your social media presence and use its features to generate new versions of your favorite hashtags. Also, you get access to data about your Instagram account’s daily growth.

Who is Kenji for?

Kenji is a good alternative for every Insta user who wants to grow an audience. 

The tool is recommended for:

  • Influencers.
  • Marketers.
  • Business owners. 

How to Sign-up for Kenji?

The app supports both macOS and Windows. To sign-up:

  1. Provide your basic information, email address, name, and Instagram username.
  2. Select the package you want.

And you’re all done!

Kenji does not offer a free version but two monthly packages, “Simple” and “Pro.”

#5: Hootsuite

Hootsuite is an all-in-one social media management tool. It is a great help to manage all your social media platforms and save time for switching from one platform to another and doing manual management and planning for each.


Why Consider Hootsuite?

The app is your go-to if you create content on multiple platforms. It is easy to manage multiple social media platforms and save time for switching. The app lets you schedule your upcoming posts for multiple platforms. It enables you to manage posts on various media at a time, search for related hashtags, monitor analytics of your posts, and more. 

Other features of the app include:

  • Creating Content Library
  • Watching your posts’ Analytics
  • Giving assignments 

Who is Hootsuite for?

The app is convenient for you if:

  • You are an influencer who creates content regularly, on multiple platforms. 
  • You run a digital marketing agency. 
  • You are a business that markets its products and services on multiple platforms. 

How to Sign-up for Hootsuite

The software has a mobile version as well as a website version.

Whether using Hootsuite on the website or an app, you must provide your name, email address, and password.

And you are good to go!

The app offers a free version with limited features and different monthly plans for your needs. 

That’s our list of the Best Tools for Running a Successful Instagram Business

The Internet is full of handy software, apps, and websites that help you grow your brand and business online. Today we discussed some of the most recommended and highly effective tools for running a successful Instagram business. 

Overall, Skweezer, Hootsuite, and Kenji are jointly on top of our recommendation list. They provide you with traffic and help you maintain your social media channels with ease. If we were to choose the best website to grow your audience, we’d go with Skweezer.

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