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Instafollowers is another Instagram growth hack tool. It claims to provide its users with a huge following instantly across various social media channels. But is it really a legit service to use for Instagram growth? Read this article to learn more.

Instagram campaigns are the best way to expand your reach to a broader audience. It also helps you deliver your message to the targeted audience. However, with increasing competition and businesses coming on the platform, it’s hard to get a huge following and profile engagement in a short time. 

That is why many businesses and influencers use growth hack tools to give their profile a boost of followers. However, with the availability of many growth hack tools, you will also encounter some sugar-coated tools that will attract you with their tempting prices and overnight success dreams. 

We have reviewed another growth hack tool for you, “Instafollowers,” to help make your decision easier. Let’s learn more about Instafollowers and if it is really worth your investment. 

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What is Instafollowers?

Instafollowers.co is a growth service that offers clients likes, followers, comments, and views on their social media pages. As their name suggests, they focus on boosting their customers’ Instagram profiles. 

However, they also offer profile boosting services for other social media channels; Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, TikTok, etc. On a side note, the platform also claims to offer “Professional SEO Services for Websites.”

So, it’s yet another growth hack tool that is focused on a variety of social media channels.

Instafollowers at First Look

As you land on their homepage, you will find logos of various services they offer for Instagram. After it, there is even a huge list and logos of other platforms they provide services for. Once you scroll down more, they explain the procedure for making use of their services. 

instafollowers review

For a site called Instafollowers, it’s strange to prioritize other platforms and provide their services, as they are Instagram’s competitors. Even if you are doing so, how can a single platform have a strong grip on various social media handles? As every platform has its own algorithm and way of working. It does not make sense that their team is an expert in every social media platform.

Instafollowers Price Packages

The website is user-friendly and easy to navigate, but real loopholes are found in the content. Instafollowers has various packages for multiple social media platforms. You get an option to choose prices per your budget for every service.

If you go to any of those tabs, you’ll always see a range of prices on some sort of “extreme sale.” Don’t be fooled by this. It’s only a low-cost and half-successful marketing approach to make their product seem appealing.

The company’s website also contains a 24/7 customer support option in the bottom right-hand corner and explains why it is beneficial to try their service. There is also a list of reasons explaining Why Instagram followers matter and what other benefits come with choosing their service.

Instafollowers Instagram Price Packages

Their Instagram follower packages start from $0.60 for 10 followers to $1,650 for 250000 followers. 

screenshot of instagram followers services offered on instafollowers website

Instafollowers’ likes packages vary from $0.40 for 10 likes to $155 for 50000 likes. And for views, you have to pay $0.30 for 100 views to $900 for 1000000 views.  

Instafollowers Twitter Price Packages

For 50 Twitter followers, you need to pay $1.50; for 10000 followers, you have to pay $299. You get 20 retweets for $0.50 and 50000 retweets for $899. 

screenshot of twitter followers packages on instafollowers

Instafollowers Facebook Price Packages

Their Facebook page likes prices start from $5 for 100 likes to $1700 for 100000 likes. Also, you can buy a 5 star rating on Facebook for $3.50.

screenshot of Facebook page likes services on Instafollowers

Instafollowers TikTok Price Packages

At Instafollowers, they offer you 100followers for $1.80 and 50000 followers for $730. And their packages for likes and views are $0.50 for 10 likes to 100000 likes for $800. Instafollowers views packages are $0.60 for 100 views and 1000000 views for $700. 

a screenshot of views for tiktok on instafollowers website

Instafollowers Buy Backlinks Price Packages

Instafollowers claims to offer backlinks, but there are no prices mentioned. Prices will be automatically added when you select how many backlinks and from which website you want.

a screenshot of backlink shopping experience on instafollowers

Instagram Other Platforms Price Packages 

Besides the above social media platform, the tool also claims to provide Spotify, Reddit, Linkedin, and many other platform services.

a screenshot of instafollowers other services

Claiming to offer services for that many numbers of platforms makes us wonder how they can possibly do it. Unless their service is based on bot followers, views, likes, and fake profile engagement. We know getting bot followers and views can also lead to your Instagram profile being banned. As of now, Instagram has serious policies for getting bot followers and fake engagement. 

Instafollowers Customers Reviews

Good customer reviews boost trust and loyalty and help distinguish your brand from others like it. What’s more, product reviews give your past customers a reason to engage with your company again. It also helps keep them coming back for more. We’ve researched Instafollowers’ customer feedback across various popular websites.

Instafollowers TrustPilot Reviews

Instafollowers have a total of 21 reviews on Trustpilot and an overall 1.8 ratings. These reviews tell us a lot about their service legitimacy. 

a screenshot of Instafollowers Trustpilot page

According to Jacqueline, she got robbed by their service as they charged her more money than was asked before. She also mentioned their customer service was no help. 

a screenshot of negative review left by Jacquelines on Trustpilot about instafollowers instagram services

Evaldas mentions that she got fake followers. And for comments service, Evaldas got totally unrelated comments to his service. 

a screenshot of a negative feedback left by evaldas about their experience on Instafollowers

Is Instafollowers Legit?

Instafollowers’ reviews and their promises of offering various services without explaining the procedure of even a single one; make it clear they’re likely a scam.

The security of your information is one of the most crucial things to consider while availing of any service online. This isn’t only limited to Instagram; it also applies to payments. The customer review above clarifies that this website is not secure enough to hand over your credit card information.

While it may be a legit service (although we are not convinced) they’re not delivering on their promises.

Instafollowers Pros and Cons

Easy steps to follow for placing an order
Bot Followers
User-friendly websiteHigh Prices
Collects your information
Poor Trustpilot reviews
Over-exaggeration of their services

Final Takeaway 

If you’re looking for an easy way to grow your follower numbers, you’ll be sorely disappointed by Instafollowers. The followers you gain through Instafollowersare not real people and will not engage with your account or help grow your brand. 

Using Instafollowers can hurt your Instagram account because it can make it look like you are buying followers, which is against Instagram’s terms of service.

Instafollowersis not worth your time or money, especially when many other better options are available. We recommend finding a more reputable and reliable social media growth service to reach your marketing goals.

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