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AppSally is another tool that claims to provide its customers with organic traffic, engagements, virtual assistance, and much more. However, is it actually worth investing in this service for your business growth? Is it the real deal, or another scam Instagram growth site? Let’s find out. 

As of April 2022, 4.65 billion people use social media daily. This is one of the main reasons why digital marketing is scaling up with every passing day. 

Social and digital marketing is a new norm many businesses focus on; because of its low marketing costs, exposing a service/product to a big crowd, improving brand awareness, and increased sales. 

However, managing and producing content for diverse social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is challenging. That is why many businesses choose to outsource their engagement. While outsourcing engagement is fine, you must be conscious and research before selecting a suitable service for your business. 

With so many choices for building, growing, and engaging help for social media sites, it’s hard to know where to start and which service is actually worth it.

We put together a list of websites worth your attention below:

Growth ServiceAverage RatingPrice
Gramfuel.io4.3Check Price
HOOTVIEW4.1Check Price
Tableview4.0Check Price

If you are still interested about finding out about “AppSally. We have reviewed the website “AppSally,” which claims to provide an actual boost to your social media pages, specifically Instagram.

What is AppSally

AppSally is a tool that claims to create and manage your marketing campaigns, provide your business with organic growth, etc.

AppSally Review

However, the number of social media platforms they offer their services for, and the confusing mechanics of the website, are huge red flags. You will most likely be disappointed with their service if you become a paying customer.

Why are they red flags? Let us explain.

Any quality service-providing company would generally provide services for one or two social media platforms. AppSally’s claim to handle huge social media platforms all in one seems quite strange. When you broaden your offerings, you’re not focused on a specific mastery over something. 

Essentially, the website isn’t specialized. It’s a general rule of thumb that the more specialized and focused a service is, the higher quality it will be. 

screenshot of how a user interacts with appsally products

So, rather than having their services be aligned with the algorithm of one or two social media sites, they are trying to expand their reach to too many sites, as you can see in the screengrab above.

Let’s look at how AppSally works and whether or not it delivers the service it boasts.

AppSally Features 

AppSally claims to provide a variety of services for diverse social media platforms. Here are the main features you can choose from.


According to their website, they provide organic traffic to your social media platforms. You can get traffic to watch your video, download your apps, listen to your Spotify music, and more. 

Live Traffic

They also claim to provide live real-time traffic (engagement) on your streams. 


The service provides followers, likes, watch times, votes, check-ins, etc. Providing various services seems quite impossible, but AppSally says it gives it all. 


They also provide comments, customer reviews, purchases from your website, etc. Getting comments on your Instagram, Facebook, etc., can be understood but providing fake reviews and purchases are indeed ethically wrong. 

Virtual Assistance

As an all-in-one service provider, they also provide virtual assistance to its customers for services like customer service, administrative services, marketing, and more. 


In the other section, you can find services like video production, graphic designing, coaching, copywriting, and many more! 

AppSally’s endorsement to provide it all is too good to be true. How can a single platform possibly offer such a diverse number of services? Well, that’s a question still to be answered. 

Let’s check out how the platform works.

How Does AppSally Work?

As you enter their website, it has a straightforward look directed to its services. The website showcases its various services clearly on the menu bar. 

Here are the steps you will go through for any service you choose. 

  1. You select the service you want. For example, if you click on the button that says social media, you’ll be directed to a page where you have to choose the platform from options like Instagram, Facebook, etc. 
  1. Once you have selected the social media channel, it will redirect you to choose your marketing goals. They claim to provide traffic, live boost traffic, engagement, conversion, and others. 
  1. After choosing the service, you have to provide the URL of that platform. You can’t go any further in the process until you submit the URL, which is inconvenient for new consumers who want to check the pricing and other procedures they’ll encounter.
  1. When you submit the URL of your social media profile, it will ask you to select a target interest. According to the service providers, they want to know what your target interests are so that they can provide an audience interested in that sector.
  1. After that, the platform provides you with the average budget you must spend to get the service. It’s up to you if you want to spend more or less.
  1. Once you have selected the amount you want to spend, it redirects you to checkout.
  1. At checkout, you pay the amount via your card and wait for the service to be provided.  

The disadvantage of their approach is that you’ll be unable to see the entire process if you are a new customer. You have to actually be purchasing the service to understand the different stages. There isn’t a free trial, so you’re taking a risk.

Another issue is their pricing model. AppSally doesn’t provide single pricing even for the same platform. Let’s break down AppSally’s head-scratching pricing system.

Pricing of AppSally

The website does not provide clear pricing for their services, although some of their packages have prices available. You won’t know how much you’re paying until you give them the URL for the account you want to boost or manage.

For example, suppose you want to boost your Instagram engagement by targeting interest in the entertainment industry. In that case, you will have to pay a different price than one who will select to target a business-related audience.

That’s right – depending on your chosen audience, the pricing is different.

This makes it harder to plan marketing campaigns and budget for a specific platform. You can’t research their prices for a certain service with your desired target audience until you input your information and start the purchase process.

AppSally Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are important for several reasons. They provide valuable feedback about a product or service. This feedback helps many new people decide whether a service is legit. That is why we looked at some of the most popular and legit customer review sites to check what other customers say about their service. 

AppSally Trustpilot Reviews

Unfortunately, there are no AppSally client reviews on Trustpilot. When you search for the website, Trustpilot doesn’t return any results. This is most likely since one of the services AppSally claims to sell is “Trustpilot customer review.” 

Now, if a site claims to sell reviews on a website (Trustpilot) that doesn’t allow paid reviews, this is a huge red flag. That also makes sense as to why AppSally doesn’t even have Trustpilot reviews.

screenshot of appsally on Trustpilot

AppSally is trying to make money from Trustpilot reviews by paying people to provide fake reviews. It is not allowed by Trustpilot, which values authenticity in its reviews.

Generally, we respect companies that try to be open and honest with their customers. However, AppSally’s selling Trustpilot reviews make their service even more scammy in this case.

AppSally Smart.Reviews

There are not a lot of reviews on smart.review either, but you can find some customer reviews on the site, and here is what their previous customers have to say.

According to Alexandre M, she faced many delays, and no customer support was provided from AppSally. So she ended up reporting to her bank about the fraud. 

a screenshot of an angry customer about AppSally on smart.review

AppSally Quora Reviews

Another customer who bought their Twitter service ended up getting bots and empty accounts. 

A negative review about an angry customer on Quora about AppSally

These reviews and many more tell us a lot about the legitness of their service. It is generally accepted that AppSally is not a reputable company, but does that automatically make it a scam? Yes, to an extent.

Final Takeaway— Pros and Cons

AppSally’s long and complicated process to get customers their likes or followers and other services wouldn’t be an issue if it were actually worth the time. After reviewing mainly every page of their website and review of the service, here is our final takeaway on AppSally.

Secure HTTPS
Their service is pricy 
Offers a wide range of servicesThe website is complicated to use for some people
No customer support
Trustpilot has banned its reviews 
No clear operating procedure
Negative ratings on various platforms
No refund policy
You cannot access their service prices until you give your social media URL

Social media marketing is an important part of a marketing campaign and affects your overall business. Getting an early boost of followers, engagement, etc., for your social media platforms is good if services are bought from the right platform. 

We do not recommend AppSally to our readers as many features of the service are unclear. The service also offers fake customer reviews, creating doubt about their own on-site reviews’ legitimacy. 

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