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InstaBoostGram was another Instagram growth tool that claimed to help users reach more people and get more engagement on their accounts. However, the platform has been shut down. Learn more about how they worked and why it was shut down in this InstaBoostGram review

A huge amount of Instagram growth service tools pop up in the market constantly. One such tool is InstaBoostGram. The service is no longer operational as of September 2022. At the start of 2022 it was still operational, so we’re wondering what happened recently that prompted the shutdown. 

The main reasons we’ve found that explain the sudden shutdown include bad reviews, low-profit margins, or technical issues. We’ve done a detailed review on how the service operated so that you can steer clear of any future shady growth services like InstaBoostGram.

You can look at some of the efficient services that still do a pretty good job for their users here:

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What is InstaBoostGram?

Since the website has shut down, the more relevant question is, “how did InstaBoostGram work?”

InstaBoostGram was an Instagram growth service that claimed to offer services to users, like providing Instagram likes, followers, and video views. They also provided similar packages for other social media platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, and TikTok.

With every Package, they provided:

  • Privacy protection
  • Fast delivery online
  • Ease of use with no password required
  • InstaBoostGram also claimed to offer 24/7 support and Order Tracking.

How Does InstaBoostGram Work?

One of the benefits of InstaBoostGram was that it was very simple and quick to use. To start, users selected a plan that they wanted. Afterward, they provided their Instagram account details and finished the purchase process. 

InstaBoostGram never asked for your password for security purposes. If a service asks for this information, it’s likely a scam.

InstaBoostGram Services?

InstaBoostGram offered services for Instagram, Youtube, and Spotify. We will go into detail about its services related to Instagram in this review.

InstaBoostGram Followers 

InstaBoostGram offered a variety of packages that all came with quick delivery, real followers, and confidentiality. We’re not entirely sure what the last benefit meant, but it sounds good!

InstaBoostGram has two categories of followers for its customers: ‘Premium’ and ‘High-Quality.’ The only difference between the two packages was pricing. According to InstaBoostGram, the premium followers were never removed from Instagram. 

An issue with InstaBoostGram’s former offer is the suggestion of instant delivery. This is only safe with smaller followings, i.e. purchasing a package of getting under 1,000 new followers from the service. Any more than that, it likely won’t take Instagram long to notice your account’s suspicious growth.

InstaBoostGram Likes 

The second part of their Instagram service included likes. They had both basic and automatic likes available. The likes would show up each time you uploaded a new photo, with a daily maximum of four photos, which was fair enough.

However, the service has a hefty drawback and a slew of negative customer reviews. We’ll go through them in detail later on.

InstaBoostGram Pricing

You got to choose a suitable package based on your budget on InstaBoostGram. Here was their typical price range for Instagram services. 

  1. Followers: you got to choose from100 from 10,000 followers for between $2.89 and $59.99
  2. Custom Comments – a price range for comments were $7.99 and $155.99 for 10 to 1000 customer comments. 
  3. Video Views – 500 to 500,000 for the price range of $4.49 and $999.00
  4. Likes – 100 to 10,000 for the price range of $2.89 and $299.99
  5. Story Views – 250 to 1,000,000 for between $1.99 to $999.99
  6. Auto Likes – 50-80 to 6500-7000 for between $49.00 and $1099.00.

InstaBoostGram Reviews

It might be clearer why InstaBoostGram was shut down once we go through their customer reviews. There could be benefits to using the service, but its drawbacks are not avoidable. The problems with their service were too serious, according to users who had negative experiences with their platform.

To see what customers had to say about InstaBoostGram, we looked at Trustpilot and Sitejabber.

InstaBoostGram Trustpilot Reviews

The website has many unhappy customers and only a few happy customer reviews on Trustpilot.

a screenshot of the instaboostgram trustpilot homepage

Here is what their customers have to say.

According to James Magnolia, there was a huge drop in the followers he purchased, and the company’s customer service did not refill it. He also pointed out that their premium service seems to provide hacked kids’ accounts as followers to James. 

a screenshot of a negative review on trustpilot from a customer complaining that they did not refill their order

Alessio S. stated the same concern: they provided fake service and denied it. She also mentioned the follows she got had weird names and pictures. 

a screenshot of a negative review on Trustpilot left by a customer claiming that the followers quality is not as described

For Parmeet, the service was legit; however, there was a little drop in followers, but he was ok with that. 

a screenshot of a positive review left by a customer on trustpilot praising Instaboostgram followers service

InstaBoostGram Sitejabber Reviews

At Sitejabber, the company has 178 reviews and overall 2.75 star rating. 

a screenshot of Instaboostgram review page on sitejabber

Giselle M didn’t receive what she was promised either. She also mentions the poor customer support and how their service just claimed to offer you a refund, but it is a reality. That’s not what you get. 

a screenshot of a negative review left on sitejabber mentioning that they provide no customer service and block people

Why was InstaBoostGram Closed?

The shutdown of the firm may be attributed to several causes. And that’s how it usually works: a business-like InstaBoostGram generally doesn’t close down for one reason alone. 

Here are some key reasons behind the service’s downfall:

Fake Followers

Some customers showed concerns that the followers look shady and unreliable because they would be new accounts with no profile picture, no posts, and a suspicious name. This doesn’t give the sense of high-quality or “premium” followers.

Horrible Customer Support

One of the most notable shortcomings was the abysmal customer service department. Some clients claimed their customer service was unpleasant, obstinate, and aggressive. It’s obvious why their company went out of business. Any company that treats its customers badly will inevitably fail.

No Privacy Protection 

If what many customers stated is true, this company is breaking the law by charging customers without letting them know first. That’s unethical and wrong on so many different levels.

The following customer testimonials show the validity of these claims.

a screenshot of a negative review left on trustpilot saying that they charged their card without their authorization

This isn’t a question of bad customer service; this can also taint the entire website as a fraudulent business at the end of the day. If a service is charging you extra money, in this case, stealing, it’s not a surprise their service went out of business. 

We can only guess why this site was shut down. However, considering what consumers have said about this service, it isn’t necessary to know the real reason for their closure.

It might be a lack of good customer service, or customers sued them for embezzling money. Because customers pursue legal action when frightened, this is not an uncommon scenario. Or, the unauthorized transactions from the customers’ credit cards could be why they were shut down.

Was InstaBoostGram Safe?

The fact that the service is closed shows that it wasn’t safe. You can find user reviews from many reliable sources that show that the service wasn’t very good overall. 

Their customer reviews on SiteJabber and Trust Pilot indicated the service was not worth investing money in.

It was not secure for your personal information or Instagram account. It brazenly frauded consumers and provided terrible service. 

They sold blackhat services, implying that they supply fake followers that endanger your Instagram account.

InstaBoostGram Pros and Cons

User-friendly websiteBad and rude customer support
No password requiredNo free trial
The website was not HTTPS secured 
Fake followers
Bad trustpilot reviews
Stole clients money
The website is closed

InstaBoostGram Summing Up

We understand it’s hard to differentiate between a genuine and a fake service provider. Especially now that so many of them are in the market. The best way to keep your Instagram growth organic and steady is by providing quality content and using a service you can fully trust. 

Instagram growth services could be a great help for an early boost for an Instagram account, but make sure to do proper research before making any final purchase. 

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