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SocialShop was a social media growth tool that provided its customers with likes, comments, followers, and profile engagement. The service has recently shut down due to ineffective operations. Learn more in this SocialShop review to understand how to avoid untrustworthy growth services in the future.

Instagram growth companies continue to be popular ways for people to outsource their following and engagement on their social media profiles. Many new platforms are launched with the promise of genuine services, safe growth, money-back guarantees, etc. And before you know it, they vanish from the internet. 

One such Instagram growth tool was SocialShop. SocialShop is not functional as of September 2022. So, what were the possible issues that it closed? Learn more about why the service shut down in this SocialShop review.

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What Was SocialShop?

SocialShop was another social media growth provider company that claims to offer its users likes, comments, followers, subscribers, etc. The service is closed, and you cannot find its website on the internet except in the internet archives. 

a screenshot of socialshop homepage

SocialShop offered its services for multiple platforms Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Soundcloud, and Facebook. For this review, we will focus on its Instagram services.

How Did SocialShop Work?

As the service is no longer available, you cannot check their website to learn how it works. However, we have explained here the way it worked and the information it asked; to help you understand the difference between a scam and a legit service.

For placing an order on SocialShop, you had to visit their website and select the plan you want. Once you choose the package you want, the website will redirect you to a different page where you have to pay for the plan and provide your Instagram ID.

This looked to be a straightforward procedure, but was it effective? What kind of service did you anticipate in terms of speed and quality?

SocialShop’s immediate delivery could suspend your Instagram account because it looks like you’re buying followers instead of organically growing your following.

Any unusually high number of followers on your profile will be immediately deleted by Instagram’s system, as evidenced by the many Trustpilot reviews highlighting this very issue. If you’re going to purchase followers from a growth service, look for ones that claim to deliver followers gradually.

The quality of the followers you were able to buy was also a critical factor to consider. What kind of followers could you get from SocialShop, and how good were they?

According to this firm, the followers are real people who use Instagram the same way you do. If that’s true, these accounts should continue to be on your profile and interact with your posts.

A more in-depth analysis of the reviews, however, reveals that this is not true. We will discuss it further in the review section.

While SocialShop did offer a set number of real followers, it also sold fake accounts. A lot of these profiles come from India and China. They usually don’t have a profile picture or any posts, so they’re easy to spot.

Many users were worried while using their service as their website had no SSL installed, so users were confused about where to provide their payment information to the site or not. 

SocialShop Features

SocialShop offered various services to its Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and SoundCloud users. 

Here was what they claimed to offer their Instagram users at the time it was operational.

  • Premium-quality Instagram likes, followers, views, and comments
  • 100% safe to use 
  • Email support  
  • Super-fast Delivery
  • Automated likes with no password required
  • Split your video views packages for different videos.
  • Get video views in under 60 seconds
  • General Instagram comments.

Promoting Your Instagram – SocialShop

SocialShop offered services for various social media platforms, but Instagram was their priority. They provided users with a range of packages to choose from. Their typical package contained 100 followers and 100 likes for $3 to up to 1500 likes and followers for $100. 

a screenshot of socialshop offers

You can rarely get all genuine followers via a service. However, SocialShop promised to offer authentic followers. Claims aside, suddenly getting a huge number of followers can make Instagram suspicious, and chances are your account can end up being blocked. 

Many reviews from customers stated their Instagram account is getting banned from Instagram due to fake followers. Others stated the massive drop in followers after a few days. 

However, some people also mentioned they got a pretty good amount of real followers and stayed long with the users. Still, the number of genuine followers was less than the bot ones. 

The costs for these two incentives are generally comparable; companies rarely bundle them together. Offering followers and likes as a single package seems to limit when considering that people may want to use other services to improve their Instagram accounts, such as comments or views.

Instagram has advanced considerably in recent years, providing such firms an opportunity to profit from its many features.

Even if you find that SocialShop is not the right fit for your needs, the prices are still reasonable and will not break your budget even if you choose the most expensive plan. While getting fast delivery, safe, quality followers, etc., are claims every other service offers. 

Instant delivery may seem appealing, but it is not ideal. Your followers are often of poor quality and can disappear within a few days. Additionally, Instagram’s algorithm does not tolerate these types of purchases.

Any indication of inorganic influx might harm your account. No one wants that.

SocialShop Reviews

No matter what service is showcased on their website. Their customer review, especially on reputed websites, shows whether a service is legit or not.

The website is no longer operational, yet you can read the reviews from their previous customers. We couldn’t find any profile on a popular website except on Trustpilot

a screenshot of socialshop trustpilot page

When searching for a SocialShop likes review, Google will typically redirect you to Trustpilot. This service has an extremely poor reputation on this reputable site, and every Trustpilot review is negative.

Take a look at two former SocialShop customers who were bitterly disappointed with the service:

Myra Denise is calling the company a scam and liars because she paid a lot of money and got only a few followers for her money, and they also dropped after some time. 

Randy Jones states that he bought 100 followers for his Twitter account, and they disappeared after a few days. 

a screenshot of a negative review left by a customer on trustpilot complaining about the followers quality

If you look at a few more reviews, you’ll find that many others have had the same issues.

Some customers have said that they never received their followers after using SocialShop, or that the follower engagement was quickly deleted.

SocialShop Pros and Cons

Did SocialShop have any positives, or was it all bad? Take a look at our pros and cons summary.

Bundle deals availableService got shut down from the internet
Price is cheap compared to other servicesBad Trustpilot reviews
Bot followers
Bot likes engagement 
No customer service 
No refund
No free trial is available 
No secure website

Was SocialShop a Scam?

Every growth service has its pros and cons, so did SocialShop. However, we would not recommend Social Shop because of the problematic payment method and website safety issues. And its poor customer reviews, mainly on every reputed site, make it more clear their service was not legit. 

SocialShop Conclusion

Things aren’t going well for SocialShop right now, as you no doubt know. It’s not a good idea to buy from this business. If it comes back, we recommend waiting and seeing what happens. Many people are still confused by the sudden demise of SocialShop from the internet, which leaves much about it unknown.

Be wary of their empty promises, you’ll receive a few genuine followers, but you’ll also get a lot of bot ones. If you’re looking to grow on Instagram, steer clear of things that won’t work.

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