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RiseSocial was one of the many social media boosting platforms that promised to grow your account and following. Reviews from past customers, and the website’s sudden closing point to the fact that this service wasn’t a legitimate platform. Learn what happened to RiseSocial and what your options are for growing your Instagram following in a safe way.

Scam social media growth businesses that make bold promises but fall short have joined the realm of digital marketing. The importance of social media interaction and follower count can’t be denied. If you have a social media account, the holy grail is to have high user engagement on your accounts. Outsourcing this from growth service companies has recently rapidly increased

For well-known networks like Instagram, several still-running websites provide reasonably priced packages for purchasing interactions and followers. However, as we delve a little more into the user evaluations of some of these platforms, we immediately realize how questionable their practices are and how harmful their service is.

Making use of social media growth strategies might be problematic since on Instagram, purchasing a significant number of followers via bot accounts can be swiftly flagged as fraud. Your account can be suspended or terminated as a result of this.

RiseSocial, a website, made all the right assertions and offered bargains that were too good to be true. There are several explanations for why it stopped providing its services.

Also, here are a few more ways to grow your Instagram account, in case the first one doesn’t work for you:

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RiseSocial: What Happened?

RiseSocial, an Instagram growth tool, claimed it could help users get more Instagram followers, likes, views, and engagement. Basically, this is the claim that all businesses that promote social media growth make.

We discovered through our investigation of the since-closed platform that many users had experienced the service more negatively than positively.

A reliable Instagram growth tool should be able to provide customers with organic leads on followers, likes, and engagement. There was not a single positive review of RiseSocial, on the other hand. Even other fraudulent websites that have subsequently been shut down had at least a few decent ratings; RiseSocial had none.

According to our best estimation, the website’s issues began on April 26, 2019, when the business’s most recent client review was filed. On the website RiseSocial.com, the domain name is now for sale.

This suggests that, if the owners have listed the domain for sale, they most likely have no plans to reopen the business.

This is what you see when you go to RiseSocial.co:

a screenshot taken from risesocial current landing page (for sale)

To see how the website’s homepage appeared when it was live, we had to go online for a photograph of it. Their website claims that they focused mostly on their reportedly “active” Instagram followers (in other words, real users).

a screenshot from the former risesocial homepage

However, the validity of the business was questioned by both the reviews of their previous customers and the website review articles that have been published after it closed. It seems that RiseSocial employed bots to carry out its operations.

Bot use will result in the selling of fake followers to you as a customer. Therefore, if Instagram determines that you bought fake followers, they will take appropriate action against you. Remember that Instagram still has the authority to delete the bogus followers you have amassed, block or restrict your account, or both.

Customer Reviews of RiseSocial

We can say with certainty that this was a dismal growth service.

Several Trustpilot user reviews claim that RiseSocial was a terrible service. The graph below shows that RiseSocial only earned a 2.2 out of 5-star rating. Additionally, 89% of the evaluations are bad (the lowest rating possible), with 0% of them being rated as excellent and 0% as great.

a screenshot taken from trustpilot website about risesocial

On January 1st, 2019, a customer claimed that they kept billing him even after he cancelled and stopped returning their emails. Here is his evaluation.

“SCAM!! I had to change credit cards because they kept charging me after I cancelled and never replied to emails…”

According to another customer complaint, despite having paid for 20 weeks of the service, the service was cut after just three, forfeiting the remaining 17 weeks (even though she paid).

a screenshot of an upset customer who left a negative review about risesocial on trustpilot

Another review shares about a user’s account being blocked:

“They got my IG locked out and refused to take any responsibility or even help! Just wanted to cover their own back and didn’t care at all!!

Honestly, what got me the most was that they did not care at all! Not one bit. As a business owner, customer care comes first! Treat your clients with respect and have some empathy for people. Will take you a long way!”

The customer displayed below reported noticing strange login attempts on his Instagram account. What allowed that to happen? He received an email requesting him to enter his Instagram login.

a screenshot of a scathing review left by an upset customer about risesocial on trust pilot website

The majority of these customers only gave them a 1-star rating, demonstrating how unsatisfied they were with RiseSocial Services. The fact that RiseSocial was a fake Instagram growth tool was easily discernible.

Read these, and more, Trustpilot Reviews for RiseSocial.

RiseSocial In Summary

Maybe the platform has some good features? Perhaps it’s not all bad, right? According to what users experienced and our research of the company, we’ve surmised the following good and bad of RiseSocial. 

HTTPS securityCustomer Service
False Interactions
Private Customer Information
Account Suspensions

RiseSocial: The Cons (Comprehensive)

  • Customer Service: How would you feel if you tried to get in touch with a company that you had contributed money to and there was no reply at all? 
  • False Interactions: Through RiseSocial’s various engagement strategies, users received fake Instagram followers, likes, and views. Your account can be blocked by Instagram if it learns that you’ve paid for fake interactions.
  • Private Customer Information: If a website requests personal information, such as your Instagram account password, this is a warning sign.
  • Account Suspensions: Client Instagram accounts are lost as a result of RiseSocial’s actions, which include account blocks and suspensions. Why? The website used bots to provide the engagement services it offered (which is against Instagram’s standards). Having your profile removed may be disheartening when you believe you’ve used a reliable service.
  • Untrustworthy: To put it plainly, this was all questionable behavior. Plus, why did RiseSocial try to access its clients’ accounts with the login attempts?


We think Instagram is doing it responsibly by prohibiting harmful services. Upcoming platforms can fulfill their promises as a consequence without having to worry about potentially harming their users’ accounts in the event of an error.

The moral of the story is to stay away from phony Instagram growth tools because doing so might lead to account cancellation. Reading reviews of RiseSocial from people who have used it can help you spot fakes.

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