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A popular Instagram growth service, YoViral, renamed its business and continues to provide its services to Instagram users as ViralRace. But has the platform also upgraded its service in its rebrand? Does ViralRace actually warrant your investment? Learn more from this ViralRace review.

There are many services out there that promise to help you increase your Instagram following, but be wary of those that utilize phony followers or bots since they can end up doing more long-term damage to your business than good.

For your online success with boosting your growth, it’s imperative that you use reputable Instagram growth services that you can trust. Working with an unofficial or unproven Instagram growth company, however, might harm your online reputation. Always conduct more studies to learn about their positive and negative traits.

Everything to know about the ViralRace service, what has changed since the rebranding, and our thoughts on its viability are all covered in this review.

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YoViral Explained

YoViral was a feature that had been available since Instagram’s inception. Its objective was to help its users grow by enhancing engagement and their Instagram account statistics.

One of the company’s crystal-clear value propositions was “Grow your Instagram Today.”

Such statements draw the audience’s attention and entice them to purchase the service because it is obvious what they will receive. As it turned out, the business fell short of expectations.

Currently, if you attempt to access the YoViral website, you will get the following instead:

a screenshot of the current landing page of yoviral

Has YoViral Closed?

YoViral is no longer a functioning business. They changed their branding, although it’s unclear why. There are several hypotheses, but none have been proven.

YoViral has abandoned its previous domain and created a new one called “ViralRace.” In other words, the business changed its branding. Although YoViral’s motivation for this modification is presently unknown, our inquiry has turned up some potential justifications.

Since its renaming, not much has changed with ViralRace. It continues to be an Instagram growth service that gives users likes, followers, and views to help them build their Instagram following.

The new homepage is simple. By scrolling to the page’s bottom, you may simply view and read all you need to know about the services they offer. That’s already a plus because websites like this one depend on user experience to get visitors to register.

A screenshot from the landing page of viralrace website

The only thing that worries us is the lack of knowledge regarding the beginnings of ViralRace, just as there was a dearth of knowledge regarding its renaming. The branding change is never mentioned on their website.

ViralRace Packages

It’s simple to make purchases on ViralRace. You can easily locate what you’re searching for on the website thanks to its structure, and you don’t have to divulge your Instagram password. The majority of other comparable services that ask for passwords up front are warning signs because their services shouldn’t require such confidential information.

All you need to do to purchase the service is:

  • Choose the bundle you need
  • Input your Instagram account and payment details
  • Watch for the rise in followers and interaction (hopefully).

ViralRace is a subject about which not much is known. This new business is posed to be “the most trustworthy source of Instagram interaction.” As far as we can determine, that’s not true.

ViralRace offers these packages:


Although Instagram recently implemented this option, customers may not find it to be as important as other services like comments and likes. The simple explanation: Clear numbers (such as likes or views) are more enticing than confusing numbers that ambiguously point to people ‘viewing’ your profile.


Many users seek to grow their Instagram following in the hopes of attracting actual followers who will engage with their content, in the case of businesses with products and services, the hope is that followers become devoted clients.


Many customers purchase packages offering a large number of likes. However, what matters most is the caliber and longevity of these likes. Auto-liking services produce short-term results that are detrimental to your company’s long-term success since the likes generated are not indicative of actual, interested customers.

By providing you with genuine, ongoing engagement from qualified individuals, ViralRace asserts to provide a solution. But is the assurance that you will be provided with sincere likes true? Or is it simply another baseless assertion? In our section on customer reviews, we’ll learn more.

ViralRace Cost

ViralRace focuses on Instagram alone. They take pleasure in being the most trustworthy source of interaction and assert that they provide real Instagram followers, likes, and views for sale.

Though, it’s probably not correct given what we know, but let’s wait to make any judgments until we have had a chance to fully analyze the information.

What precisely is included in their service and what does it cost?


Plans for Instagram Followers ViralRace offer anywhere from 100 and 10,000 followers. You’ll find that the cost of this service is among the lowest available. You may acquire the biggest bundle for just $99.99 or 100 followers for just $2.99.

a screenshot of viralrace instagram followers prices

It almost seems like it is a scam. High-quality followers are not completely free, but for this little cost, we are hesitant to think the follower quality is actually good. The guarantees they provide for such a low cost add to our suspicions: loyal customers, prompt delivery, high retention rates, and real followers.


Similar progressions apply to views, with options ranging from 100 views ($2.99) to 20,000 views ($99.99). When you join, you are given the assurance that you will have a high retention rate, however this is absurd because video views are not lost and cannot be reversed. How can you have high retention of views?

a screenshot of viralrace instagram views prices

Views do not, however, raise the interaction rate. If you desire, you may purchase views from ViralRace for a reasonable amount, but we doubt it’s worth it.


The price for the likes ranges from $3.89 to $70.99 for 50 to 10,000 likes. Like the followers, they are also rather affordable. Because you’re buying actual likes rather than automated ones, Instagram is less likely to find out that you’re doing it. That is at least what they are saying.

a screenshot of viralrace likes prices

One problem is that if you buy 10,000 likes, they all go to one post and cannot be distributed among several pictures.

ViralRace Ratings

Any online service may be greatly influenced by customer feedback. Reviews encourage more people to either use or entirely shun a service. We are unsure whether to accept the legitimacy of this service due to the discrepancy between YoViral/on-site ViralRace’s ratings and its Trustpilot reviews.

On its webpage, ViralRace touts a 4.75 rating, but is this representation accurate? Negative evaluations won’t naturally appear on a company’s official website – why would any business do that?

Their official site shows that customers adore this growing service; it’s seen by the shining reviews on the homepage, according to their on-site testimonials. Here are a few illustrations:

a screenshot from viralrace review page showing unverified positive reviews

If they’re to be believed, ViralRace is the only place to go for Instagram promotion.

The service is, however, quite subpar, according to their Trustpilot assessments. Customers are not pleased with them all, as you can see from the following remarks.

a screenshot showing a negative review left on trustpilot by a customer about viralrace followers quality
a screenshot showing a negative review left on trustpilot by a customer about viralrace followers stability

The remarks you read a minute ago about ViralRace’s claims to being a genuine service seems to be entirely false. Here, you may read what real individuals have to say. Positive reviews do exist, but it’s hard to discover them between all the bad ones.

ViralRace Review: Our Verdict

Let’s quickly review the advantages and disadvantages of ViralRace before coming to a conclusion.

Low cost
Bad Trustpilot reviews
Easy to sign upLacking customer service 
Not many payment options
On-site reviews aren’t trustworthy
No mention as to why it rebranded

Would you consider utilizing ViralRace in the near future once we have discussed its many features?

The majority of reviews appear to be unfavorable. We must take into account ViralRace’s drawbacks in addition to the enticing advantages it is marketing to us.

Although the follower package pricing offered by ViralRace is alluring, we advise you to think twice before purchasing. ViralRace appears to be of low quality in terms of what you receive; it is obvious that other services provide greater value.