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Inzta/Hypez, a tool for growing Instagram, was twice shut down, most likely for partaking in fraud (as you’ll learn from this review). To prevent buying growth hacking products from shady vendors, it is advisable to learn more about companies like Inzta/Hypez. Making a decision for your social media growth will be easier with the aid of our comprehensive Inzta/Hypez review.

Influencers, artists, and businesses all find value in social media platforms, particularly Instagram. While creating a great online profile is always the goal, choosing the right target audience is as important to ensure that your followers are active and interested.

If you want to boost your growth rapidly, social media growth techniques could be helpful. They free up your time so you can focus on other things, such as creating excellent content that inspires your audience.

However, a lot of startups produce growth technologies for social media that are a waste of time and money and fall short of what you were hoping for. One such tool, Inzta/Hypez, went through two brand changes but was still closed down.

Discover more about Inzta/Hypez and the reasons it was stopped to better safeguard yourself from growth services that won’t offer you the value you seek.

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What Was Inzta/Hypez Offering?

We will focus on the state of Hypez/Inzta before they were shut down. Inzta/Hypez’s goal was to boost Instagram growth (among other social media networks).

It was founded a number of years ago, branded originally as Hypez. Despite the fact that this growth tool now goes by the name “Inzta,” many people still call it “Hypez.” The Hypez.com domain was even used for their official website, which then pointed users to Inzta after the rebrand.

However, there was no alteration to the service. Even the user interface and logo appeared to be the same; just the name changed. It ultimately appears that a rebrand wasn’t at all sufficient to keep things running, since it was soon shut down entirely.

Users were promised Instagram likes, followers, and views. That’s all they provided. Their service offerings did not use audience targeting, automated procedures, or filters.

Customers frequently received followers with questionable quality, some of whom were even inactive on the website. Getting interested followers to interact with your content was really what users were looking for, but that’s not what they got.

Due to the fact that these acts go against Instagram’s policies about purchasing fake/bot followers and engagement, your Instagram account may have easily been terminated if you used this service.

Although Inzta/Hypez promises they would provide you with more followers if any of your current ones leave you, we don’t think that’s a long-term solution since they would keep getting deleted, anyway.

Main Services of Inzta/Hypez

The main services that Inzta/Hypez claimed to offer its customers are listed below.

Boosting Your Following

Customers could purchase packages ranging from 100 up to 1000 Instagram followers from Inzta/Hypez. It is clear that the primary service that they offered was their follower packages, because this is the main reason people use Instagram growth tools.

You may have been promised a particular number of followers by Inzta/Hypez, but the followers’ caliber is actually rather poor.


The problem was that the majority of these followers originated from phony or bot-operated accounts run by Inzta/Hypez. This suggests that customers will eventually lose their following on Instagram.

Take a look at these Trustpilot testimonials from previous customers.

a screenshot displaying a customer who shared a negative feedback about hypez on trustpilot website saying that all their followers disappeared within a week
a screenshot displaying a customer who shared a negative feedback about hypez on trustpilot website saying that they never received their followers and customer service was unresponsive

Adding Likes

Like followers, the number of likes was not always steady. Although Inzta/Hypez provided the exact number of likes you purchased, many of them were from fake profiles, thus, they gradually disappeared.

A service like this is only useful if you want the number of likes on your most recent video to increase dramatically. This is true because having more likes makes it more likely that the people who matter most to you—your target audience—will watch your video. You shouldn’t depend on it for long-term growth, even if it could provide you a boost in the near run.

Increased Video Views

Nothing unusual either occurred in this situation. In the vast majority of instances, these are accounts that are automated and fake, offering the video views. These were also the least prevalent since just a small number of people were interested in receiving video viewing packages.

Package Pricing

Prices on Inzta/Hypez varied from $1.99 to $49.99 for 100 followers to 10,000 followers, respectively.

Although these prices weren’t the highest, keep in mind the possibility that all of your followers can disappear a few weeks after you get them.

No matter how many followers you purchased, you would eventually lose the majority of them, if not all of them.

The largest issue facing the company was the fact that they would need to put in a bit more effort if they wanted to keep their present or prospective clients. They weren’t doing their customers any favors by letting them buy followers and then giving them phony follower accounts that eventually disappear. Along with the rebranding, they should have concentrated on correcting these weaknesses to prevent reoccurring issues after the relaunch.

Their tool hadn’t become any better despite the renaming. They were once again compelled to cease operations as a result of their ongoing inability to provide high-quality services.

Why Inzta/Hypez Was Untrustworthy

We should take caution when referring to something as a “scam” because it is a severe accusation. By “scam,” we mean a certain operational procedure or manner of conducting business.

In other words, former Hypez were selling a product that they weren’t telling the truth about, which is why we call them a scam site. Scamming someone is fabricating facts in order to get something from them while failing to deliver the promised service. They did that.

Your business will suffer if you don’t deliver the service you promised to a client. Just that happened to Inzta/Hypez.

Many clients had a bad experience with their service since the followers they occasionally acquired would disappear after a few days. It makes sense why they failed if the success of your whole business depended on Instagram’s growth.

Given this information, if this service to purchase Instagram followers were still offered, would you utilize it?

Nobody enjoys having to cope with the consequences of giving their credit card number to an illegitimate website. Before hiring any social media development service, always conduct your research to avoid any future annoyances.

Reasons Behind Inzta/Hypez Shutdown

We have examined the most likely reasons why this firm failed not once but twice. The most logical reasons are as follows.

Too Many Unhappy Customers

This may be the most sensible response. It’s understandable that customers are unhappy about the inconsistent quality of their offerings and the bogus followers. They could have lost all of their clients, filed for bankruptcy, and received no more new clients as a result of negative evaluations.

Instagram Might Have Blocked It

The fake followers were likely quickly identified by Instagram’s algorithm, and as a consequence, they were blocked from using the social media site.

Dismal Website Traffic

If they weren’t able to acquire enough website views to generate new leads, they could have had to close. Perhaps they did a lousy job of marketing.

Inzta/Hypez Review: Key Takeaways

It’s rare for a website to be shut down for rebranding purposes once, and it’s more weird when the same website gets shut down again.

To get the complete picture, the only real positives that we could find were that they had an HTTPS-secured site, and their prices were low. However, the majority of their service gave people a negative experience. Let’s look at what they did wrong.

Followers weren’t genuine, but inactive/fake accounts
Even when they rebranded, no improvements were made in their service
The followers that were purchased eventually disappeared
Negative customer reviews
There wasn’t even a free trial for users to try first

When given a second chance to make amends, it is clear that the individuals in control of this website didn’t care to do so. The needs of your clients must be met; if you fail to do so twice, there is a severe issue.

We strongly suggest you do further research on a service before making a decision, regardless of the website you choose for your social media growth boost. Websites that take your money without giving you anything in return are incompetent and may suspend your Instagram account.

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