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AudienceGain is proposed to be an all-in-one growth service for social media. It offers followers, likes, and views for various platforms such as  Instagram, Youtube, Soundcloud, and more. However, is AudienceGain a legit service? Should you invest your money in this growth tool?

With the growing need to increase social media presence, many new boosting services are also introduced daily. However, with purchases like these, it’s vital to sort things out and figure out whether you’re dealing with a genuine company or a fraudulent one, looking only for your money. Find out in this AudienceGain review.

Anyone involved in digital marketing for any time has likely come across AudienceGain. The service bills itself as a “social media growth platform,” and its website is full of bold claims about the benefits of using its services. But is AudienceGain legit?

Before we take an in-depth look at the service to see what it offers and whether it is worth your time and money. I have a few alternatives to share that I always recommend.

Growth ServiceAverage RatingPrice
Gramfuel.io4.3Check Price
HOOTVIEW4.1Check Price
Tableview4.0Check Price

What is AudienceGain? 

AudienceGain is a social media growth company claiming to help boost your social media presence on eight different platforms; Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitch, and Soundcloud. 

The service claims to give you millions of genuine followers overnight, guaranteeing it will not get you banned. The idea of obtaining millions of followers is really tempting for most users. However, do they afford to provide what they are claiming?

According to their website, not only does AudienceGain provide great services, but they also offer a money-back satisfaction guarantee. That’s always a plus for any company that sells products and services – one that elicits more trust in the customer to try out what they have to offer.

AudienceGain At First Glance

When you visit their website, their homepage seems to have a lot of focus on their website optimization services, the benefits of having a good website design, and so on. Since we’re focusing on AudienceGain’s Instagram services, we skimmed the website to find the services. 

a screenshot taken from audiencegain landing page where the company is highlighting their web design services

Unfortunately, finding their social media services at first is quite confusing. The only actual option from their website menu bar dropdown is “Basic Website Design.” 

a screenshot from audiencegain landing page with the menu showing basic website or design option

Apparently, you have to choose social media services from the google search named “solution for content creators”  if you want to land on the right page – that already is worrisome. To not be able to have easy access to their social media growth service is strange. 

a screenshot from a google search for audiencegain website

For a service claiming to be an SEO expert who can skyrocket your social media presence, we don’t think it’s a good start to confuse the google algorithm and its users by not having a clear process to get information. This is what their solution for content creators’ homepage looks like.

a screenshot from audiencegain website showing their YouTube monetizing service

When you land on this page, you understand that they do offer social media growth solutions. You may pick from Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, and other similar platforms.

Their main focus is, without a doubt, services for Youtube and then other social media platforms. However, this review will focus on their Instagram services and plans. 

AudienceGain Services 

This company provides a typical bundle of offers commonly utilized for advertising your account. You should be particularly cautious with Auto Likes in these offers. You probably already know that Instagram is aware of the automatic flow, and likes purchased may be removed, as seen on other people’s accounts.

It’s essential to notice that many Instagram growth services have been shut down because of the unusual flow of automatic likes. Your account might be terminated if you receive an unnatural traffic inflow.

AudienceGain’s services are as follows:

Buy Instagram Followers

AudienceGain offers three packages to its users: 1000 Instagram followers for $19, 5000 Instagram followers for $89, and 10,000 Instagram followers for $179.

a screenshot from audiencegain website showing the instagram followers packages they offer

Here are typical features you will get:

  • Organic growth and sales
  • Encouraging users to follow you
  • Delivery of up to 100-500 followers per day
  • 100% safe & guaranteed delivery
  • Start getting results within 24 hours
  • Results continue until 100% delivery  

Buy Instagram Likes

AudienceGain offers three packages for its likes services: 1000 Instagram likes for $19, 5000 Instagram likes for $85, and 10,000 Instagram likes for $179. 

a screenshot from audiencegain website showing the instagram likes packages they offer

Here are quick perks of the Instagram likes package. You will get:

  • Organic growth and sales
  • Engagement in your posts
  • Delivery speed up to 10,000 per day
  • Start getting results in an hour
  • No drop in likes guarantee 
  • Best for new brands to grow their presence on Instagram. 

Buy Instagram Automatic Likes

AudienceGain offers a range of packages for its automatic likes services, from $150 for 1000 Instagram automatic likes on 10 images to $900 for 3000 automatic likes on 20 pictures.

a screenshot from audiencegain website showing the automatic instagram likes packages they offer

Following are the main features of its automatic likes service. 

  • Organic growth and sales 
  • Encourage users to engage with your posts
  • 100% safe and guaranteed delivery 
  • No drop guaranteed 
  • Up to 10,000 likes per day
  • Results within 15 minutes 
  • Perfect for new brands to grow their Instagram account.

How Does AudienceGain Work? 

Audience Gain has numerous packages for the 8 platforms it services, which all entail a specific number of followers, likes, views, and other metrics.

The first step is to choose a package and place an order. The AudienceGain team will then examine your account, material, audience, popularity, current followers, and interaction after you’ve made your selection.

According to them, this is an essential step of the procedure that allows them to submit a profile to the strategy team, as they call it.

Every campaign is different, according to their website, since each user is unique. They promise to build a tailored strategy for you based on your profile evaluation to deliver the greatest social development strategies.

AudienceGain will also create a timetable for them to follow. They will check your progress throughout the process to ensure it stays on track.

While this all sounds great in theory, the most important thing is to understand whether they deliver on the promises that they market. Reviews from real customers are a great place to start.

AudienceGain Customer Reviews

Always look to external resources like this one when you have questions about a company. Onsite reviews are frequently paid for, and sites like Trustpilot allow you to get a wider perspective on things.

Their customer reviews on Trustpilot make it clear that  AudienceGain is not meeting the expectations of its past customers.

Although this firm does not advertise its services on its website, Trustpilot is filled with negative reviews. As a result, the overall rating was reduced to 1.6 stars out of 5.

a screenshot taken on trustpilot showing audiencegain rating

Here are some of their customer reviews at Trustpilot:

a screenshot of a review on trustpilot left by an angry audiencegain customer saying that the first purchase went well but that on their second attempt they never received what they paid for.
a screenshot of a review on trustpilot left by an upset audiencegain customer warning users not to buy from them

Some common complaints about AudienceGain were:

  • The number of followers begins to decrease rapidly (something that they claimed would not happen)
  • The poor quality of followers (not being real, interactive users tailored specifically to your account) 
  • Customer support doesn’t answer and provide solutions when asked. 
  • Refunds that were ‘guaranteed’ were not actually issued.

AudienceGain Review: Final Thoughts

AudienceGain claims to offer premium services for various platforms, including Instagram. However, their Trustpilot reviews state a totally different story.  Some of the followers the service provides may be fake, meaning your profile won’t receive genuine engagement.

To sum up, here is a quick overview of AudienceGain’s pros and cons.

Focused on Youtube channelsWebsite not user friendly (it’s very hard to even find the social media services page)
Reasonable pricesConcerning customer reviews at Trustpilot
Various payment methods are availableFake reviews on their website (or perhaps, reviews that present a very different picture than the bulk of the reviews on third-party review sites)
Poor customer support

The internet is full of social media growth services and hundreds of scammy services too. We would not recommend their services for social media platforms, or even their other services, as the majority of user experiences seem to be negative with this company.

Buying followers doesn’t guarantee authenticity and it is a risky investment that requires you to have confidence in the service that you choose to sign up to. Services like this should be approached with caution.