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Venium is a social media growth hack tool to help social media users grow their businesses. However, their online reviews and glitches on their website are making it clear their service is not ideal. Read this blog to learn more about Venium’s service. 

Everyone wants to find that magic bullet that will help them 10x their Social media presence. So, it’s no surprise that there are so many different growth hacking tools on the market now. Instagram growth hack tools are a great way to get real and active followers and profile engagement for a cheap price. 

It also increases your chances of getting an audience that appreciates your content. If they like what they see, they might comment or share it with others. Even better, help you get increased sales from improved customer engagement across social media.

In this blog, we will review an app that claims to be a professional social media growth hack tool, “Venium.” Find out more about its service and if it really provides what they advertise.  

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What is Venium?

Venium is an online company that claims to boost your social media presence overnight. According to their website, they will make you famous on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. How? By providing you with likes, followers, comments, and profile engagement. 

Venium claims to be a comprehensive Instagram marketing tool. They showcase being passionate about improving their clients’ profiles and boosting their Instagram growth and sustainability. 

If you look at Venium’s website, you’ll notice that they have a distinctive logo: a skyrocket. However, is it possible for Venium to have this skyrocket effect in increasing your follower count within such a short period?

This company promises that you will have ongoing growth on Instagram as long as you use their service, and they say they offer live tracking. They have over 20 years of experience in social media, so they know the ins and outs of the business.

All of what they’ve said sounds great, but we’re skeptical they’ll be able to keep up with even half of their promises. Let’s take a look at their offerings.

Venium Features

Venum’s most popular features include Social Media Marketing, Sponsored Placements, Premium Networks, and Premium Partnerships. Under every section, the website asks you to click on “learn more.” When you do so, it always takes you to the same page.

a screenshot showing venium landing page

Regardless of whether you’re looking for more information on social marketing or premium collaboration, Venium takes you to a page with the same advertisement line:

“We believe in simple and efficient ways to grow a business by being smart, relevant, and most importantly straightforward.”

When you scroll down, you’ll find another sentence claiming, “We want to help our clients succeed and achieve the greatest results.”

a screenshot depicting venium mission statement

For every genuine site, we expect that clicking on the learning more button will explain to us the procedure of their service. However, that is not the case with Venium. 

The lack of information availability and procedure explanation is seemingly unprofessional of a company that claims to be two decades old. And whose whole business demands an online presence.

Venium Price Packages

Venium claims to offer various services, i.e., Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Spotify, and Tiktok growth. They also have a currency conversion system, so you can choose whether to pay in dollars or euros. 

Below are there various packages for different social media platforms. 


Instagram package prices for likes, followers, comments, and views are $3.99 for 1000 likes, $9.99 for 1000 followers, $4.99 for 100 comments, and 1.99 for 1000 views. Compared to other social media growth tools, their prices are way cheaper. It makes us wonder how they can provide genuine service at such low prices.

a screenshot displaying the price of their Instagram services

Youtube Channel 

Their youtube channel prices for views, likes, and subscribers are $5.99, $3.49, and $8.99, respectively. Like Instagram, their youtube service charges are also very low. 

a screenshot displaying the price of their YouTube services


Their Twitter service prices are $2.99 for 100 followers, $3.49 for 100 favorites/lies, and $2.99 for 100 retweets.

a screenshot displaying the price of their Twitter services


You need to pay $23.99 for 1000 likes on your Facebook page and $0.99 for 100 likes per photo/post. 

a screenshot displaying the price of their Facebook services


In their Spotify service package, you receive 1000 plays for $4.99, 1000 followers for $4.99, and 1000 monthly listeners for $3.99. 

a screenshot displaying the price of their Spotify services


You get 1000 TikTok followers for $11.99, 1000 Tiktok likes for $5.99, and 100 views for $1.99. 

a screenshot displaying the price of their TikTok services

If you look at the prices, they are very low. It will tempt you to go for their service, as who wouldn’t want a huge following and profile engagement at this low price?  However, a claim of providing quality service at such a low cost is a red flag…

Customer Reviews of Venium

Customer reviews are proof of any business’s credibility. New customers are 63% more likely to buy a service with good reviews. Here is what Venium customers have to say about their service.

Venium Trustpilot Reviews

There are two reviews available on Trustpilot about Venium. Oddly, a business with over two decades of experience would only have two reviews on such a reputable review site. Both reviews are against their service. Customers state that their service is a waste of time and money.

a screenshot of their Trustpilot page

According to CoolKrc, customer support was not responsive once he added funds to his wallet. It automatically started taking out money from his wallet, and his orders were auto-canceled. 

a screenshot of a negative review shared on Venium TrustPilot Page

Venium Scamadviser Reviews

Venium has a 1% trustscore on the Scamadviser website. This is another big red flag as there is no proof available other than the claims on their website if their service is genuine or not.  

a screenshot showing scamadviser low average user rating

Venium Pros and Cons

Leaving no stone unturned, we have finally summed up the following points as pros and cons of Venium. 

Low prices 
Low customer reviews 
User-friendly website1% trustscore on Scamadviser
No legit service 
Provides bot followers and likes
No detailed information on Procedures
Provide service for various social media platforms at once

Is Venium Legit?

Although Venium’s mission is to provide quality service to social media platform influencers, its actions do not appear to reflect this. Analyzing their website makes it clear that they sell fake engagement to customers. They are also making magnificent promises that seem impossible to keep, i.e., a lifetime guarantee, real following in cheap pricing, and more.

The company also has just a few reviews, and they are all negative. Initially, we believed the company might delete negative reviews. However, there were no positive reviews either. 

A business with 20 years of experience in the online world should have a slew of customer reviews. It’s strange that they don’t; that is why their service is a red flag.

Final Takeaway

Every influencer, business, and brand wants to enhance its social media presence. While trying to get it done, many businesses and influencers end up being scammed by Instagram growth provider tools. 

To avoid any scam and get real money value, do your research and look at the odds and claims that are too good to be true. 

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