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Instapromote is another growth hack tool that promises to provide its customers with a high number of Instagram followers within 24 hours. Is Instapromote a legit service, and should you consider it for your social media marketing campaign? Find out why people aren’t convinced about Instapromote’s effectiveness.

Instagram is one of the most difficult social media platforms to crack regarding social media marketing. Social media, in general, is becoming increasingly difficult for people to infiltrate their desired markets and get a huge following; competition is more fierce than ever.

Growing your Instagram audience and becoming popular is a dream of many businesses and influencers. Still, it’s difficult to achieve, especially with new businesses and influencers coming to Instagram with intelligent marketing strategies. This is where a growth hack tool comes in handy. 

Learning about various Instagram growth services makes you aware of red flags that will save you time and money during future investments, and some of them aren’t legit. We don’t recommend just going with any tool that makes tempting promises. Another growth hack tool, Instapromote, claims to provide its users with high-quality Instagram growth. The reality of how it works, however, is a different story.

If you’re looking for potential replacements, here are a few options to consider:

Growth ServiceAverage RatingPrice
Gramfuel.io4.3Check Price
HOOTVIEW4.1Check Price
Tableview4.0Check Price

What is Instapromote?

Instapromote is another growth hack tool that offers followers, likes, automated likes, and customized services for Instagram engagement. They claim to be a team of social media experts who have served over 10,000 customers daily with Instagram solutions.

instapromote reviews

Instapromote touts that their marketing reach spans “1000s of new visitors regularly.” They also claim to provide followers and likes within one hour of placing your order. The purpose of this service is to expand your brand’s reach on social media sites, solely focusing on Instagram. 

Instapromote claims they “only obtain the highest quality followers on the internet.” They do not, however, explain how they can make such a guarantee or how they acquire their network of fans for you. They claim to have a staff of marketing experts with “over 10 years of experience.”  

The company also guarantees to have 100,000+ satisfied customers. They vow that your account is safe with them because they never violate Instagram’s guidelines and terms, ensuring “your profile will always be protected.”

 Buying a Service at Instapromote

Instapromote claims to help you grow your Instagram following in three steps:

  1. The first step is to make sure that your profile is set to public, so they can easily send you the right engagement.
  1. You can browse their services and select a package that is best for you. After making your decision, you will receive the results of your choice in only a few minutes.
  1. You may choose from buying Instagram likes, views, and followers, which might sound like a done deal, but we don’t think they’re worth your time. We believe they’re selling fake engagement to their clients for more money, and we’ll explain why.

Although they outline themselves as a leading business that provides affordable services, 100% satisfaction for their consumers is not something they’ve managed to create.

Instapromote Price Packages

Instapromote offers various packages for its customers; they start with the named starter and go up to the VIP package. 

Instapromote Followers Packages

Instapromote claims to offer its customers instant followers within 24 hours of placing the order. Their prices start from $2.95 for starter packages, in which you get 100 Instagram followers, to $39.95 for a VIP package for 5000 followers.

screenshot of instapromote followers packages

Instapromote Likes Packages

Instapromote Likes Packages prices start with a starter package in which you get 100 Instagram likes for $2.95 to a VIP package in which you get 5000 Instagram likes for $35.95.

screenshot of instapromote likes packages

Instapromote Views Packages

In their Instagram views package, they claim to provide you with 500 real profiles Instagram views for $1.95 to 50,000 real profiles Instagram views for $74.95. 

screenshot of instapromote views packages

Instapromote Customer Reviews

Customer reviews give us insight into the real experiences of people who have used these services. When searching for reviews of Intsapromote, however, we ran into an issue.

Instapromote Trustpilot Reviews

For a service with claims to be in business for more than 10 years and working with a social media marketing team, we could not find a single review on Trustpilot. They don’t even have a profile at Trustpilot. This is what you see when you search for the service name on Trustpilot. 

screenshot of instapromote closed page on Trustpilot

According to Trustpilot, the profile is a bad fit for Trustpilot’s terms and conditions.

When a company’s Trustpilot rating is banned, it is due to one (or more) of the following reasons:

  • Instapromote might have been caught trying to post fake, positive reviews of themselves on Trustpilot. Trustpilot has a zero-tolerance policy for fake reviews, so posting them could have resulted in their profile being banned.
  • Although it’s not very likely, someone could try to post fake positive reviews instead of the company themselves.

The main downside of this situation is that we cannot obtain genuine Instapromote reviews from real customers.

Instapromote Scamadviser Review

Instapromote has a 58% Trustscore on Scamadviser. You can also read the main highlight as “suspicious website identified.”

screenshot of instapromote average rating on scamadviser

If you scroll down to read the analysis, these are some factors that got the website a 58% Trustscore.

screenshot of instapromote pros and cons on scamadviser

According to the Scamadviser, the website’s rating is rather low and could be a scam. Scamadviser further explains how it assigns a certain trust score to a company. It states that its algorithm looks at more than 40 data points of a company/service and then assigns a particular score point to it. 

In this case, Instapromote has a:

  1. “Registered till” date
  2.  SSL certification
  3. The website is many years old
  4. A lot of backlinks are available for the website on other websites
  5. Tranco traffic ranking 
  6. The shopping cart feature leads the service to the trust score.

However, the Scamadviser has mentioned the following points as negative company highlights:

  1. No identity of the owner of the website
  2. Negative reviews
  3. Selling social media fans and following.

Is Instapromote Worth Your Money?

So, is Instapromote really worth your money? Here are some points to go through before making your final decision. 

Inorganic Growth 

Don’t get too excited when you see that the growth service advertises quick or instant delivery. It’s not what you want. Instant delivery (without any particular wait time) often means inorganic ways to promote your profile, or the service will provide bot followers. 

On Instagram (and most other social media platforms,) it’s essential to have organic growth. This means the followers you buy wouldn’t come to your profile all at once.

By forwarding its services instantly, Instapromote goes against Instagram’s rules, risking your account in the process.

Instagram may detect automatic inflow and remove followers from your profile. This is, however, the best-case situation. Many instances have occurred in which Instagram users were banned.

Way Too Pricey

In terms of pricing, Instapromote didn’t fare well. Its follower packages appear to be considerably more expensive than comparable services.

If you’re looking for a reasonable way to buy followers on Instagram, Instapromote is not the right solution for you. We believe that growth services should keep their prices within normal limits, given that Instagram is the most used social network.

Mixed-Quality Followers

If you already spend that much money, you expect genuine people to be among your followers.

However, getting only real followers from growth services is quite difficult. There are hardly any growth services that can simply forward you only real and high-quality profiles. No matter how professional the service sounds, there will be errors.

If that’s the case, services should be upfront about their prices. Instapromote seems to be exaggerating the quality of the service provided. They guarantee genuine followers who will continue to engage with your Instagram activity, but is this true?

Poor Customer Service

If you notice a sudden drop in followers, or if there is something wrong with an order, you would think to contact their customer service. However, it’s hardly easy to reach Instapromote customer service instantly, given that they rely on email as the primary mode of communication. 

Is Instapromote Legit?

Instapromote’s quality does not meet the standards they set. They claim to provide high-quality, real people who will interact with your Instagram activity, but from what we can tell, that is not true.

Also, there are no reviews to judge whether the service offers genuine followers and real Instagram profile engagement. Their poor customer service, lack of reviews, and Scamadviser rating make this service quite a scam. 

Instapromote: Pros and Cons

SSL Certified
Poor customer service
Accepts Paypal and other payment methods Expensive
No reviews
Provides inorganic growth 
Followers disappear after sometime
Banned on Trustpilot

Final Takeaway

A successful social media marketing strategy is key for any business.

Your following on Instagram is important for building an audience; the more people you have, the more popular you get. The number of followers on your Instagram account is an excellent indicator of how popular it is. They’ll be more inclined to promote your content to the Explore Page.

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