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Claimed to be a helpful Instagram growth service, DigiSMM is turning heads. But not for a good reason. They’ve been described as a scam website, and warned people who are considering using it. So, is DigiSMM really a scam, or is it safe? 

Our team doesn’t usually like to recommend a specific website, however we’ve found a reputable website that offers the same services, but with far better outcomes.

One important thing you should consider about social media tools and websites, particularly those that work to help you grow your Instagram, is to really look at the good and bad of each service. Without getting the full picture of how effective these services are, and understanding their potential value, you may be making choices that could harm your brand, or slow your growth. 

Regarding social-media-enhancing tools, you should do a proper background check on the website and see how it works. Not only that, but you also need to consider customers’ reviews and feedback to get a well-rounded opinion on the service. 

If you are looking for services that are usually recommended as excellent, have a look at the list below if they might interest you:

Growth ServiceAverage RatingPrice
Gramfuel.io4.3Check Price
HOOTVIEW4.1Check Price
Tableview4.0Check Price

We’ve taken a deep dive into DigiSMM to give you a high-level view of how it works and whether it is worth using. 

In short, DigiSMM isn’t the best site out there to give your Instagram the boost that you’re looking for. We’ll explain why, and give you some alternative tools to utilize instead. 

An Overview of DigiSMM

Just like every other Instagram growth website, DigiSMM is a tool that helps you boost various Instagram features like Instagram followers, likes, comments, and views. Ultimately, your goal of growing your brand is why you’re even considering such tools as DigiSMM.

However, many companies and websites provide this kind of growth service, which makes it overwhelming for you to decide which one to choose.

What makes DigiSMM different? In short, not much….

Is DigiSMM a Safe Website?

The words “reliable” and “safe” are essential when subscribing to any website’s services. Of course, you want to know that you’re getting a legit service, especially regarding social media growth tools, which already have some risks for you when you use them. We’ll explain more below. 

For DigiSMM, our research shows that when you subscribe for more followers, the said “followers” begin to drop after a few days. Although this is true for many Instagram growth services, from the reviews we’ve seen, the amount of followers that drop is quite high.

And note that you’re not protected from this happening by getting a refund, because the number of followers will drop after your chance to request a refund has expired. 

Let’s consider that on Scamadviser Trustscore, DigiSMM got a very low rating of 21 out of 100.  What’s your take on a website with Trustscore as low as 21? 

Undoubtedly, you’d say the website is not safe and reliable. However, it gets more confusing when you see additional review sites that say otherwise; take a look at the picture below.

a screenshot of DigiSMM average rating on ScamAdviser

Some people have had a good encounter with the website. However, reviews are rated excellent only if the positive reviews surpass the negative ones. 

As we mentioned earlier in this article, falling or dropping off followers after some time is somewhat normal. But the rate at which this happens for DigiSMM, as well as the amount of followers that drop off, is disheartening, especially for a service you paid to get.

On Trustpilot Review, a customer of DigiSMM, NatCity stated that:

 I bought 1k followers just to test everything out. Yes, the followers were awarded immediately, but then the amount of followers I had began to drop that same exact day. If I were you, I wouldn’t waste your time and money on this because it’s a complete scam !!!

How DigiSMM Works

The way DigiSMM works is simple, yet their actual website design and flow are quite confusing. Already, it’s not a great first impression for potential customers to attempt to navigate it, and even build trust that they can deliver the quality needed.

When you get onto their official website – DigiSMM.com (you can also just Google DigiSMM), you’ll easily find their site, and you’ll land on their homepage.

a screenshot of what a user sees when reaching DigiSMM landing page

The top menu bar clearly shows the services (Followers, Likes, Views, Comments, Auto Likes). 

The general process is outlined on the homepage of their site:

  1. Select a package

From the menu bar options described above, you’ll select the right package to meet your goals (E.g. For growth, followers is the option you’d focus on. For engagement, you’d likely choose comments and likes). 

  1. Enter detail

The site claims they don’t need confidential information like your Instagram login credentials. Still, you do need to give your Instagram username and email address, as well as your payment information.

  1. Wait for result

The third step outlined on their homepage is to simply wait for the site to work its magic and give you the desired results. 

Now, is that actually what you get? We decided to try it out ourselves to really see how effective it is.

We decided to buy 50 Instagram likes and, as they claim to be fast in delivery, it was slightly disappointing to have to wait almost thirty minutes before getting our order. Addison from DataTorrent also acknowledges the slow pace of delivery in his own experience. His blogs are focused on pin-pointing scam websites – and we have to say, DigiSMM didn’t make the cut.

You can sense the confidence in his verdict in her DigiSMM review article:

Honestly, we can tell you right now that DigiSMM is nothing more than an Instagram scam.

They claim to be legit, but they’re just trying to sell you fake engagement.

Why You Should Seek a Better Alternative

Seeking a better alternative regarding reliability and safety is imperative when choosing your Instagram growth service.

You shouldn’t subscribe to a website whose cons outweigh its pros. Unfortunately, there are quite a huge number of cons associated with DigiSMM services compared to the pros. 

In fact, in our research, we could only find just one single positive attribute… Isn’t that a red flag?

The website is hosted securely (HTTPS)No free trial is offered
Bad Customer reviews almost everywhere
Fake Instagram engagements (which can lead to Instagram disabling your account)
Disappointing Customer service support

Look at the experiences customers have had with DigiSMM on Trustpilot Review. You’ll see claims that people have been scammed with getting no engagement or followers, or purchasing a large amount, and only retaining half or even less than half of what was paid for after the followers quickly dropped off.

a screenshot of negative review about digiSMM left by an upset user on Trustpilot website

There are many sites out there that are far more reputable than DigiSMM. At the most basic level, we agree with other reviewers on this site – DigiSMM shouldn’t be used if you’re serious about safe growth on your Instagram. 

By now, you’ve got the sense to steer clear on DigiSMM. You don’t have to take our word for it; you can check more customers’ opinions on the Trustpilot Review page. 

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