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Are you looking for the best and safest way to grow your Instagram following? Do you think using an Instagram growth service is worth it? Many successful businesses rely heavily on social media marketing. If you’re overwhelmed by growing your Instagram following and engagement, using a third-party growth tool like Skweezer may be a good solution.

Investigating services like Skweezer can help you find the right one to build brand exposure. I will give you a complete Skweezer review so you can decide if it’s the right choice for you.

I’ve also put together a list of websites if you don’t think this one will help you. Feel free to take look at them:

Growth ServiceAverage RatingPrice
Gramfuel.io4.3Check Price
HOOTVIEW4.1Check Price
Tableview4.0Check Price

Skweezer Review Summary

If you don’t have a few minutes to read the entire evaluation right now, a brief summary is provided below.

However, I recommend that you return and read the entire material to gain a better understanding of what this service entails.

It provides quick followers and engagementInstagram may delete some of the followers.
A quick boost for your Instagram accountIt is not suitable for long-term sustainable growth.
Affordable pricesThere is not a lot of information about their Instagram verification service.
Real followers
Secure website
It does not ask for your password
24/7 customer support
Fast delivery

What is Skweezer?

Skweezer is a growth agency that provides automatic Instagram likes, real followers, and real engagement for Instagram accounts. Launched in 2023, This third-party growth service is based in Hong Kong. 

They offer Instagram followers and views to their customers to expand their reach and get real engagement. How do they do it? By showing your account to users interested in watching that particular type of content. 

Skweezer, at First Glance

a screenshot of skweezer homepage

At first glance, Skweezer has a simple interface and aesthetic. As you land on their official page, it’s clear what they offer to customers and the goals that they can help you achieve. They showcase their 5-star rating and also detail the different packages you can choose from with their delivery timings.

They explain with illustrations what they do and how they get the job done. Even the top menu bar headings are super clear; “Buy Instagram Followers”, “Buy Instagram Likes”, “Buy Instagram Views.”

Going through their profile, Skweezer seems pretty straightforward about their services and delivery methods.

But are they actually providing what they are claiming to offer? I will discuss the details of the platform and its services.

How to Get Started with Skweezer

Using their service is easy; I mentioned each step in detail that you usually go through when signing up to their services.

  1. Go to Skweezer.net 
  2. As you land on the page, the first thing you will notice is a small intro of their service and an orange button that says “Get Started Today.”
  3. Click on “Get Started Today,” and it will take you to various packages to choose from
  4. Choose your desired package.
  5. I selected the follower’s package. Once you click the follower package, the website will direct you to a new page that shows a range of prices and Instagram followers for each package.
  6. Select your desired package. 
  7. Provide your basic information and add your payment method 
  8. And you will get your followers instantly.

That’s it! 

How Does Skweezer Work?

Skweezer works on simple rules. According to its website, it’s an agency that provides you with active followers and engagement. The agency has a massive user base that it offers to its customers. 

For following customers, the users get a share of the profit.

The agency provides the following services:

  • Instant Instagram Likes 
  • Instagram Followers
  • Views and engagement 
  • Instagram Profile verification

How they provide their other services is easy to understand, but profile verification seems a bit fishy. How can they offer Instagram account verification (the blue tick)?

As that solely depends on Instagram’s policies and their team which verifies your government-authorized documents and other criteria to label you suitable for a blue tick. This is something I am still not sure about how it works.

Skweezer Features 

I briefly touched on Skweezer packages. I will now discuss each of its features in detail.

Automatic Instagram Likes

The Skweezer service provides instant likes on your desired photos and videos. 

You can buy likes for 30 to 60 posts and get an influx of 100 to 1000 likes per post. It depends on your budget and needs.  

Remember that your likes arrive quickly, so you must buy a few likes or divide them into different posts; that helps you to avoid suspicion from Instagram.

Real Instagram Followers

The agency provides real active followers to its customers. It aims to give you followers who enjoy watching the content you upload. The platform pays such users to follow you.

Active accounts will comment, like, and view your posts. You can even choose what types of comments you want on your posts. 

For purchasing followers, Skweezer provides two choices. “High-quality” and  “Premium” followers. High-quality Instagram followers have a profile picture and have some uploads on their accounts. The Premium Instagram followers package has the most real users, with zero drop-down after some time.

If you are on a tight budget but need some followers to kick start your Instagram account’s journey, Skweezer followers are a great way to start. 

Instagram Stories and Videos with views

As Skweezer agency provides various services related to Instagram, views are also one of them. The prices for getting views are lower; I will go to pricing later. And you will get 100 to 150k views on your posts and stories. 

However, keep in mind to buy views corresponding to your Instagram followers to avoid suspicion from Instagram.

Buying Instagram Comments

Skweezer’s comment feature lets you get customized and generic comments on your posts. 

Buying Instagram Account Verification 

When it comes to providing authentic comments, real likes, followers, and views, such services are understandable, as many platforms do provide such services. But when It comes to the Instagram blue tick services, it seems fishy. I also could not find any proof or details on how they would do it. 

However, the agency mentions they will check your account before providing the specific service.  

Skweezer Customer Reviews

Undoubtedly, authentic customer reviews are proof of every service and its authenticity. I reviewed their Trustpilot reviews and gathered some positive reviews.

a screenshot of skweezer trustpilot reviews

These reviews can help you make an informed decision. 

Great platform for a business/influencer page. Great platform to use if you want to grow your account from scratch.


I love this site because my followers automatically come within the timeframe 10/10 must recommend. This is Bigz btw.


You can view more verified customer reviews at Skweezer Review Trustpilot. Mainly, the customers have bought its followers’ service. So it does look like a genuine platform with genuine services. 

Skweezer Prices and Packages

The platform offers different services, and each service has a variety of packages you can choose from.

Buy Instagram Followers

High-quality followers package pricing ranges from $2.49 to $54.99 for 250 to 15k followers, respectively. Its premium follower package pricing ranges from $8.99 to $47.99 for 500 to 5k followers.  

a screenshot of skweezer followers prices

Buy Instagram Likes 

The Instagram likes package pricing ranges from $0.99 to $174.99 for 50 to 100k likes, respectively.

a screenshot of skweezer likes prices

Buy Instagram Views 

Same for buying views; it depends upon your needs and budget. The Skweezer offers prices ranging from $0.9 for 100 views to $139.99 for 150k views.

a screenshot of skweezer view prices

Buy Comments

The price of packages for comments starts from $1.79 for 30 comments and goes up to $389.29 for 10k comments.

a screenshot of skweezer comments prices

The range of prices for each feature makes it easy to choose a suitable package for your buying followers, likes, etc. needs. It also enables you to choose a budget-friendly package. 

Is Skweezer Safe To Use?

Yes, Skweezer is safe to use if you follow the website’s Terms of Service. Using Skweezer will help you get more followers and likes on Instagram instantly. Skweezer is a safe and effective way to get Instagram followers and likes. 

Skweezer has an HTTPS secure website, which means it won’t compromise your data. It is a user-friendly platform that delivers genuine results. Also, the service doesn’t require you to add private information, such as your Instagram account password. So you don’t have to worry about your account being jeopardized. 

Skweezer Review – The Conclusion

I discussed each aspect of their service. For a better understanding of their service, let’s quickly overview their service pros and cons.  

It provides quick followers and engagementInstagram may delete some of the followers.
A quick boost for your Instagram accountIt is not suitable for long-term sustainable growth.
Affordable pricesThere is not a lot of information about their Instagram verification service.
Real followers
Secure website
It does not ask for your password
24/7 customer support
Fast delivery

After going through every service they provide and their Trustpilot review, I recommend Skweezer. Their service is legit except for the Instagram account verification, as there are many bad reviews about this feature. 

The followers are real, and it does provide good engagement too. 

It is a good service to go for; if you want a quick boost to your Instagram account. However, we recommend you not be dependent on such a service forever. Instead, try to provide quality content in your niche to keep growing on Instagram organically. 

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