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Mr. Insta is an online social media growth company that allows you to improve your social media visibility on platforms like Instagram, Youtube, Soundcloud, and others. This Mr. Insta review will give you insight into how it works and whether it is worth your time and money.

Mr. Insta has been getting a lot of buzz lately, so we decided to investigate what all the hype is about.

Is Mr. Insta a trustworthy service? Can it be relied on to give you the best results? By the end of this article, you can make an informed decision for yourself. 

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What is Mr. Insta?

Mr. Insta is a social media growth service primarily focused on Instagram, as the name implies. Mr. Insta claims to provide its users with followers, comments, views, and likes for Instagram, Youtube, Soundcloud, and more.

When you visit their website, you will find that they offer a premium and free service. However, the service is not actually “free” as you discover when you dig a little deeper. 

Mr. Insta does offer a free trial, but to partake in their services, you will ultimately still need to pay. You could argue that they are quite pricey. However, this does not prevent them from marketing themselves as free, which is really just the first issue we have with the company. It’s confusing to customers.

 Mr. Insta offers two tiers of services: free IG followers and premium services.

This is how their free offer actually works. 

To get the free followers, log in with your Instagram username and start following people who have used the app. For every person you follow, you earn “coins.” Once you have enough coins, you can use them to get more followers. That’s pretty much all there is to it. You can also watch ad videos to earn coins and then exchange those coins for a service.

We wonder why people would choose this, as opposed to just looking for organic growth on Instagram itself, if you have to manually do the work. A growth service company is supposed to provide the service to you – that’s the benefit of using it. This “free” option is just making users do the work, which we find off. 

Whereas with premium service, you have to pay upfront to get the service. 

How Does Mr. Insta Work?

Using Mr. Insta is quite easy. Here are the main steps to access their services.

  1. You can create your Mr. Insta account by clicking “Register” at the top right corner or selecting “Premium Services” from the toolbar.
  1. Once you click “continue,” you will be redirected to “Insta Members Arena.” All they need is your email address, Instagram username, and a new password you create (they don’t ask you to put your Instagram password).
  1. After you create your Mr. Insta account, an email with a confirmation link will be sent to the verifying address.
  1. A confirmation email will be sent to you upon signup. After clicking the link in the email, you’ll be prompted to choose your interests from various categories, including Art & Crafts, Beauty, and more.
  1. Finally, you should select a pricing plan, and then you’re finished. They’ll provide the services in the next 24-72 hours, which may be delivered at different intervals. This is acceptable compared to obtaining several likes or followers at once, which might ban your account.

Mr. Insta Services

Although Mr. Insta’s main focus is offering Instagram followers, views, comments, and likes, it also provides such services for multiple platforms, including Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, Twitch, TikTok, Spotify, and Soundcloud. 

Here are their promised services for Instagram.

Buy Instagram Followers 

This package allows you to choose one-time, weekly, and monthly subscriptions. Prices for a one-time subscription start from $10 for 250 followers to $350 for 20,000 followers. A weekly subscription price starts from $8.50 for 250 followers to $161 for 10,000 followers. 

Whereas their monthly subscription will cost you $9 for 250 followers to $315 for 20,000 followers. 

A screenshot showing how to buy followers

Here are some perks you get with this package:

  • Guaranteed delivery
  • Results with 24 hours
  • Refill if required 
  • 100% safe and private
  • No password asked
  • 24/7 customer support 

Buy Instagram UK/USA Followers

Mr. Insta claims to offer genuine followers from the UK and USA. In this package, you can choose the number of followers you want, from 10 followers for $20 to 150 followers for $250. 

This package is quite expensive, but if they deliver what they are promising, businesses with the UK and USA target audiences can surely benefit from this package. 

A screenshot showing how to buy US/UK followers

Buy Instagram Daily Followers 

The company claims to offer its users 15 followers per day for $20 per month, 30 followers per day for $40 per month, and 60 followers per day for $80 per month. 

A screenshot showing how to buy automatic followers

In this package, you will also find an option for free Instagram service. To avail of the offer, you have to earn 900 coins to get free followers. The number of followers you will get is not mentioned here. 

Buy Hashtags Research and Profile Organization

In this custom hashtags package, Mr. Insta claims to perform research and provide 30 hashtags for $60. You can also choose 60 and 90 hashtag packages for $90 and $120, respectively.

A screenshot showing how to buy hashtags research package

 In this package, you will get:

  • Researched hashtags for your brand/niche
  • Guidelines on how to use those hashtags effectively
  • Profile optimization
  • Hashtags’ strategy for boosting and ranking your profile.

Buy Instagram Package Deals 

In Mr. Insta package deals, you can choose an all-in-one package that includes Instagram likes, followers, views, and comments. You can choose from a 1000-follower package for $50 to a 10,000 followers package for $270.

A screenshot showing how to buy package followrs

Buy Instagram Likes

Mr. Insta’s likes package starts from $6 for 100 likes to $179 for 50,000 likes. 

A screenshot showing how to buy likes

Buy Instagram Views 

Their views package allows you to choose from various packages, from $3 for 100 views to $199 for 100,000 views. 

A screenshot showing how to buy views

Buy Instagram Comments 

Mr. Insta’s comment package starts from $15 for 10 comments to $80 for 100 comments. 

A screenshot showing how to buy comments

Mr. Insta Customer Reviews

Reviews from past users are very important to see what their previous customers have to say about Mr. Insta. We decided to go through their Sitejabber and Trustpilot reviews, as these are trusted third-party review sites. 

Let’s find out if this Instagram-growth service is legitimate.

A screenshot showing sitejabber reviews
A screenshot showing trustpilot reviews

The reviews above make it clear that sometimes you can get fake or bot followers from their service. Overall there are many happy customers available too. But we cannot ignore such issues faced by past customers.

It might entice you with a few genuine followers in the free trial to get you started, but premium plans sometimes provide phony followers.

It appears to be a good deal, with only $161 required to acquire 10,000 followers. However, even in a month, 10,000 is a big number of followers. Mr. Insta does not say how long it will take to deliver the results. It promises that results will begin 24 hours after purchase and continue for 72 hours.

Mr. Insta Review: Final Thoughts 

Now is the time to look at all the information we have so far and try to decide whether or not to buy services from Mr. Insta. This list of pros and cons could be helpful.

They accept all major credit cards, and crypto.Bot followers
Offer A Free TrialQuestionable Reviews
Customer Service Not User-Friendly
Somewhat Expensive

Overall, Mr. Insta doesn’t seem to be a scam, but you will get bot followers sometimes, or followers disappear after some time. And their customer support is not that user-friendly. 

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