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Quick Facts About Poprey

Poprey offers affordable packages for those with low budgets Low-quality followers and likes
Provides free trial packagesPoor customer support 
Offers chat support on their website Lack of transparency about their growth process 
Transparent about the fact that their followers and likes are not real (though not explicitly mentioned on their website)High risk of Instagram penalties

Do I Recommend Poprey?

Unfortunately, I cannot recommend Poprey as a reliable Instagram growth service. While they do offer affordable packages for low budgets and are transparent about the fact that their followers and likes are not real, their quality is subpar, and their customer support is lacking. 

Furthermore, Poprey has received negative reviews from many users, and they have not addressed these concerns, indicating that customer satisfaction is not a top priority for them. 

I would recommend using Poprey only for test or starter accounts. Please read on for a comprehensive review of Poprey.

Comprehensive Poprey Reviews

Poprey is an Instagram growth service that claims to increase your follower count and engagement levels on social media platforms like Instagram. 

As someone who is always on the lookout for new tools and services to help grow my account and increase the visibility of my content, I decided to give Poprey a closer look. 

However, it’s important to note that not all Instagram growth services or tools are created equal. While some are legitimate, others are scams.

In this review, I’ll examine Poprey in detail to determine whether it’s worth your time and attention. 

Is Poprey safe and reliable? Will it help you achieve your Instagram goals? Let’s find out. 

I’ve conducted research and put together this review to help you make an informed decision.

What is Poprey?

Poprey is an Instagram growth service that allows customers to purchase followers, likes, comments, and views. 

While Poprey offers growth services for various social media platforms like Facebook, TikTok, and Spotify, this review will focus on their Instagram growth services. 

In their terms of service, Poprey mentions that the website is operated by a company established in Estonia called Qloyd OU, but there is no information about the team behind the service. 

Poprey operates globally, with dedicated websites for major European countries and the US.

a screenshot of poprey terms of use

How Does Poprey Work?

To get started with Poprey: 

  • Go to their website and select the platform you need a growth service for (in this case, Instagram). 
  • Choose the growth service you need (likes, followers, auto-likes, views, or comments), 
  • then select a package. Poprey offers multiple packs for each service. 
  • After selecting your pack, scroll down and click “buy now.” 
  • Poprey will prompt you to add your account info, guide you to the checkout page, and allow you to select the delivery type you prefer (instant or gradual). 

According to Poprey, order processing starts according to the description of the purchased product, but there may be delays of up to 48 hours. Clients who want active Instagram followers should expect to see results in 2-3 weeks. (those are somewhat contradicting statements, we’ll get into that a bit later in my Poprey review).

Features of Poprey


Poprey offers two categories of followers: high-quality followers and premium followers.

According to their website, high-quality followers are profiles that are only created to follow other pages, while premium followers are high-quality, real-life followers who have been subjected to human verification. 


Poprey also offers Instagram likes, views, and comments. They distinguish between normal likes and auto-likes and offer high-quality or premium likes. 

Comments And Views

Only high-quality views and comments are available. (at least that’s how they name them on their website, high-quality!)


Regardless of the engagement service and package you buy, Poprey offers an add-on service to increase the reach, impressions and saves of the posts you buy engagement for. Poprey claims this add-on gives more chances for posts to go viral and reach the explorer page.

Quality Of Features

However, the wording used to describe these features on their website is somewhat vague and contradictory. This can lead any user to draw negative conclusions about the quality of their followers. It is also interesting that they don’t mention “real followers” anywhere on their service page. 

Let’s move on to explore Poprey’s pricing.

Poprey Pricing

Poprey’s pricing accommodates all budgets, allowing people with a limited budget to get started, but it can get expensive as you need to buy more Instagram engagement actions.

Instagram Followers Pricing

Poprey’s follower packages start from $1.30 all the way to $129 for their most expensive package of 10,000 premium followers (the price doesn’t include the guarantee of refill). 

You can also get 10 followers for free to try them out. 

Instagram Likes Pricing

Poprey’s like packages start from $2.6 all the way to $139 for their most expensive package of 20,000 premium likes (the price doesn’t include increasing reach, saves, and impressions to get a chance for the post to go viral). 

They also offer a trial package for likes, so you can get 25 likes for free. 

For auto-likes, they also offer a subscription package that starts from $9.9/month for 50 auto-likes all the way to $209/month for 3,000 premium auto-likes. 

Instagram Comments Pricing

As for comments, Poprey has packages starting from $2 for 25 comments all the way to $12.9 for 200 comments (you can’t order more than 200 comments).

Now that we’ve covered Poprey’s features and pricing, let’s move on to their growth process.

Growth Process

Among the many questions you might have when thinking of using an Instagram growth service are: what methods are they using to grow your account? Are their methods safe for your Instagram account? That’s why I always include this section in my reviews. 

I searched all over Poprey’s website, and there is no single piece of information on how they grow Instagram accounts. Are they using bots? Are they using click farms? We simply don’t know. 

Let’s move on to explore Poprey’s customer support.

Poprey Customer Support

Poprey offers a chat functionality on their website. I tried to contact them using it, but the answers seemed somewhat robotic and not personalized to me. 

Other than chatting, you can reach out to Poprey through their contact page form or by email. In my case, they were responsive when I contacted them by chat for my follower’s package. 

However, this was not the case for most users who left reviews online for them. 

Speaking of reviews, let’s check that next.

Poprey User Reviews

To start, I have to say that the reviews on Poprey’s website are mostly fake. 

I tried leaving a review using their review form, waited for two days, and checked again. My review was nowhere to be found on their website. 

So I checked what others are saying on other platforms, and there was clearly a lot of dissatisfaction regarding the quality of features, customer support, and delivery delays. 

With that said, let’s also check what other reviews were written about Poprey reports for us.

Poprey Reputation

I read eight reviews written about Poprey online, but I couldn’t find a single one that recommends Poprey. 

In my research, I couldn’t find any response from Poprey to these negative reviews, which suggests that they may not prioritize customer satisfaction. This is not a good sign for a company that offers social media growth services.

Is Poprey Safe?

Based on the information available, Poprey may not be the safest option for your Instagram account. Most of their followers and likes are not real, which puts your account at risk of penalties from Instagram. It is important to note that Instagram penalizes accounts that use fake followers, and the best way to grow your Instagram is organically.

Is Poprey Legit?

Yes, Poprey is a legitimate company established in Estonia that sells what they claim to offer. 

However, their services are low-quality, and their team’s location is not clear. Some reviews suggest that the real HQ is in France, but there didn’t present any evidence to support their claim.

Poprey Reviews: Final Verdict

Overall, Poprey’s Instagram growth service is not recommended for important Instagram accounts, especially if you are an agency. While their packages are affordable, most of their followers and likes are not real, and their customer support is not top-notch. 

If you want to grow your Instagram account, it is best to do it organically or use a reputable automation tool.

Top Poprey Alternatives

If you are looking for alternatives to Poprey, there are several options available. Instead of buying fake followers and likes, it is best to grow your account organically, and use a reputable automation tool or Instagram growth service. 

Some of the best Instagram growth tools are: 

  • Hootsuite
  • Skweezer
  • Later
  • Sprout Social 

These tools help you schedule posts, analyze performance, and grow your audience organically.

Poprey FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions about Poprey:

What websites are similar to Poprey?

Some websites similar to Poprey include followeran.com, getinsfollowers.com, socialwick.com, and soc-promotion.com.

Is buying true followers legit?

It is not a good idea to buy Instagram followers if they are fake, inactive, or bots because they won’t engage with your posts. This means your posts won’t show up on Explore Pages or your real audience’s newsfeeds.

What website has the most followers?

Instagram’s official account has the most followers on the entire platform, boasting over 516 million followers as of 2022.

Can you get banned for buying fake followers?

Yes, you can get banned for buying fake followers. Instagram reserves the right to ban both buyers and sellers. If you buy fake Instagram followers, Instagram may ban your account for encouraging dishonest practices.

Have you used Poprey?

If you have used Poprey, we would love to hear about your experience. Did you find their services useful? Were you satisfied with their customer support? Let us know in the comments.

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