Let’s learn how to promote your business on Instagram because the platform is growing and changing quickly. Old methods won’t work as well as they used to.

Instagram is getting more crowded with brands competing for attention. Having multiple ways to promote your brand on Instagram can make a difference.

Our guide provides actionable tips to help you promote your Instagram. Whether you optimize your posts, profile, or content promotion strategy, we’ve got you covered. Use any of these tips to attract more customers to your Instagram account.

Maximize Your Instagram Profile’s Potential

To attract more followers and boost engagement on Instagram, your profile needs to look the part. This is especially true for brands that want to attract attention organically. To optimize your profile, make sure everything in your Instagram bio reflects your brand’s message and lets users know what to expect from your content. Here are some steps you can take to make your profile stand out:

  • Choose a short and easy-to-find username.
  • Use a clear profile picture.
  • Craft a compelling bio.
  • Include a trackable URL and relevant hashtags.

Create a Distinctive Style

Creativity is key on Instagram. Having a niche or theme can inspire your content and help you stand out from the crowd. If you’re not sure what your creative trademark should be, don’t worry. There are plenty of apps, like VSCO, that can help you add creative flair to your photos. Consistent use of gradients, colors, and filters can make your feed feel unique and authentic.

Mastering your Instagram profile is the first step to learning how to promote your business on Instagram.

Scale Up Your Content Production

There’s an abundance of content you can publish on Instagram, including customer photos, memes, and videos. Experiment with different types of content to see what resonates with your audience.

Posting at least once a day is a good practice to follow. Utilize Instagram Stories to showcase off-the-cuff content and connect with your audience in a more human way. To create content that your audience will love, develop a comprehensive strategy and use data to guide your decisions.

Understanding that content is king is an important step in understanding how to promote your business on Instagram.

Create Audience Centric Content

Although Instagram is a great platform to drive sales, it’s also a place to share experiences. Selfies, customer photos, and real-world settings are popular on Instagram because they allow brands to advertise in a more human way.

User-generated content is also a goldmine for brands because it shows that people enjoy their products. Utilize hashtags to promote your content and curate user-generated content for your feed.

If you’ve been looking for tips on how to promote your business on Instagram, this is one of the best tips you can get.

Revamp Your Product and Promotion Presentation

When promoting products or giveaways, make sure to present them as must-see content. Instagram thrives on the newest and most exciting things. Think “so what” before publishing your promotions to write more compelling captions that will catch your audience’s attention.

Make Use of Instagram Stories

Engage with your audience by taking advantage of Instagram Stories, the platform’s most popular feature used by over 500 million users daily. Publish user-generated photos and behind-the-scenes content to showcase the authenticity of your brand. The beauty of Stories is that perfection isn’t necessary. With Instagram’s latest features, like interactive stickers and quizzes, brands have fresh ways to engage with followers and create unique, interactive promotions. Keep up with the latest trends by regularly publishing Stories and observing what other brands are doing.

Take Advantage of Instagram Live

Promote your brand through tutorials, workshops, and Q&A sessions via Instagram Live. Notify your followers ahead of time to increase viewership and gain exposure. Showcasing yourself or someone from your team talking or demonstrating something is an effective way to build trust and create a personal connection with your audience.

Use branded and industry hashtags

Encourage sharing and promotion on behalf of your followers by creating a branded hashtag. Promote your Instagram by using general, community hashtags that are specific to your industry. Including additional tags makes your posts searchable, increases your reach, and enables you to track and analyze hashtag performance to identify what’s resonating with your audience.

Experiment with tagging

Tagging is a powerful tool for promoting your Instagram, and not just through hashtags. Tag other brands and accounts for a shout-out and regram relevant content, while always remembering to tag the original creator. Tagging locations can also help you discover potential new fans and followers, especially if you have a physical location for your business or attend events regularly. Make use of this subtle yet effective promotion strategy to expand your reach and increase engagement.

Promote Your Instagram Posts on Other Platforms

Don’t let your carefully crafted Instagram posts go unnoticed. Share them on other social networks to get even more mileage out of your efforts.

However, keep in mind that each platform has its own unique best practices. For instance, while Instagram relies heavily on hashtags, you may need to adjust your descriptions when posting on Facebook.

Collaborate with Influencers to Expand Your Reach

Influencer marketing is a rising trend on Instagram. By partnering with accounts that have sizable and engaged followings, you can tap into new audiences and sell more products.

But finding the right influencers can be a challenge. Use hashtags and analytics tools to identify users who have high engagement rates and whose audiences align with your target market.

Run a Paid Ad Campaign

Instagram’s advertising platform offers a range of options to help you win new customers. With social media becoming increasingly pay-to-play, don’t overlook the potential of paid promotion.

Before launching a campaign, familiarize yourself with the latest ad specs and tools to measure your results against your organic Instagram presence.

Organize a Contest or Giveaway

If you’re not sure how to promote your business on Instagram, read this: brands that run contests grow their followings faster than those that don’t. Engaging in social media contests can attract followers and fans, but be aware that it can also attract freebie chasers. To test the waters and determine if contests are a good fit for your brand, we suggest running a one-time contest promotion on Instagram.

Tap into Trends for Instagram Promotion

Trends can be powerful tools for promoting your Instagram account. Take advantage of new Instagram features and viral challenges, or support societal changes with tasteful and quality posts. By doing so, your followers may repost on their networks, expanding your reach and solidifying your brand’s core values. Don’t forget to use associated hashtags to gain even more traction!

How To Promote Your Business on Instagram Wrap Up

Ready to take your Instagram game to the next level?

Choose one or a few of these strategies, set quantifiable goals, and develop a plan with a specific timeframe. Promoting your Instagram account will help you to build a quality audience of followers who can benefit from your products and services, provide feedback, and spread the word about your business. Patience and consistency with your efforts and the content will lead to a strong Instagram presence and sustained growth over time.

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