Gravity is a full service, advertising agency. We are innovative, aggressive, and experienced marketing specialists. Our team consists of international marketing professionals of Asian, African, Hispanic, European and Middle Eastern descent with different experiences and backgrounds, ranging from financial, to travel & tourism to communications, entertainment & sports and everything in between. This variety of multicultural talent helps us to grasp trends in many niche markets and industries and use it to the advantage of our clients. The result is the right strategy, approach and execution.

Strategy Development
Market Research
And Feasibility Analysis
Interactive and Social
Cultural consulting
Web and App Development
Media Planning
and Buying
Visual/Audio Production
Public Relations
Event Management

We are a member of Dialogue International worldwide.


While we’ve all made the U.S. our home, our growing family is a diverse blend of unique
cultures and backgrounds that empowers us to see the world through different eyes.


  • Yuriy Boykiv CEO
  • Luba Tolkachyov Co-Founder, New Media Development
  • Boris Chernny Co-Founder, Partnerships and New Business
  • Artur Melentin Co-Founder, Chief Creative Officer
  • Monique Tapie Vice President, PR
  • Rob Douglas EVP, Client Services and Media
  • Larry Moskowitz Strategist
  • Ron Campbell Strategic Consultant
  • Lilian Laskin Director, Operations and HR
  • Jessica Gatti Vice President, Client Services
  • David Scott, Jr Vice President, Media Director
  • Rohan Juneja Creative Director
  • Evgenia Novikova Managing Director, UK and Europe
  • Rod Alanis Global Strategist
  • Mike Persaud Controller


  • James Thompson Advisory Board Member
  • Lewis Schiff Advisory Board Member
  • Walter Roth Advisory Board Member
  • Henry J. Dosch Advisory Board Member


  • Wenbo Jin Digital Media Buyer
  • Olga Parks Sr. Account Manager
  • Deniz Eyuboglu Sr. Art Director
  • Mir Akghar Associate Director, Client Services
  • Candy Tse Director of Production
  • Tim Carter Director of AV Production
  • Boris Litvinov Manager of Digital Media
  • Jeff Cohen CPA
  • Kiera Garvey Account Manager
  • Angel Merz Account Manager
  • Diego Saldeno Account Manager
  • Nancy Huang Media Planner & Buyer
  • Evans Gyamfi IT
  • Oliver Walsh Media Co-ordinator
  • Wan Hsuan Luo Sr. Media Planner and Buyer
  • Courtney Kozloski Graphic Designer
  • Andy Estonia Motion Graphic Designer
  • Shweta Joshi Account Manager
  • Neil Francisco Graphic Designer
  • Jin Kang Creative + Digital Planner
  • Chloe Lopez Assistant Account Manager
  • Priyanka Jhaveri Events Coordinator
  • Alicia Mulvihill Analytics Manager
  • Maneesh Lall Associate Creative Director


We understand that marketing financial institutions is more challenging than marketing consumer goods. Industry consolidation, a constant emergence of new entrants in the marketplace, a fragmented consumer base, strict regulations, a decrease in consumer loyalty, the impact of technology, subjective perception of quality, variable prices, and a lack of perceived differentiation between financial institutions are just some of the challenges our clients face.
Today’s sports fans, empowered with mobile devices, countless applications, Smart TVs and streaming services are now more demanding, and distracted, than ever.  Furthermore, the “typical” sports fan has now evolved into a complex range of sports supporters that vary from the die-hards to the indifferent.  Differentiating oneself from the clutter, retaining current fans, compelling new groups of fans, and interacting with fan’s personally are just some of the challenges our clients face every day.
There are multiple challenges facing the healthcare industry at present stemming from the initiative of providing access to primary healthcare to all individuals regardless of income level.  Technological innovations also have sparked changes as healthcare professionals are now conducting routine administration and more through electronic devices in lieu of paper.  A change in the healthcare industry has placed a stronger emphasis on the relationship between patients and their primary care physicians as evidenced by organizations using social media and electronic follow ups to connect with consumers.

Balancing all of the advancements in the field are the new HIPAA regulations implemented in March 2013, which has given patients greater protection by broadening the definition of health-information privacy.
In 2012 the mobile industry generated nearly $200 billion in the U.S. alone. While previous speculation had predicted that mobile usage would decline due to the poor economic state, users' reliance on mobile devices has caused the exact opposite to occur.  This surprising upward trend has not only fueled growth and a need for innovation for mobile providers, though, as vertical markets such as banking, mobile payments, healthcare, entertainment and much more have seen the same effects.

The growth trend in mobile is sparking a question as to what telecommunication companies need to do to stay ahead of the curve. While strengthening infrastructure is a key component to accommodate user's more frequent mobile use it is also important to look at such factors as efficiency and service improvement - especially as the mobile value chain becomes increasingly complex.  Due to a breathtakingly fast growth in innovation, it is still important to keep ahead with device and network advances to support future revenue generation through 3rd parties.
Resort Gaming
Most casinos in the U.S. see Asia simultaneously as their biggest competitor and largest opportunity. The recent growth of Asia as the hub for gaming can be attributed to legislative changes, especially in the lifting of certain bans that has altered Asian perspectives on gambling and ushered in high expectations for the industry, especially within online gaming.  SJM Holdings Limited, Las Vegas Sands Corporation, Caesars Entertainment Corp. and MGM Resorts International are the top players in the industry in the U.S and they're all actively working to reach this unique audience.
Entertainment & Cable
The Entertainment and Cable industry is facing new opportunities and challenges as it works to meet consumer demand for access to high-quality content through multiple devices. New revenue opportunities are arising with new ways to deliver and monetize new content in different segments (broadcast, film, telecom, mobile, retail), across a multitude of screens and devices (TV, PC, mobile) and more new business models around Cloud Computing, providing an effective way to scale a digital infrastructure.
Recruitment within any industry has its own unique challenges and multicultural recruitment adds a whole other layer of complexity. The ability to find the best candidates while fulfilling quotas depends on multiple factors. These factors are: a cultural group’s general perception of a certain industry, family influence, attitude of their peers, and professionalism of the recruiter. Within many multicultural groups, the influence of a family member is paramount. Moreover, the ability to increase the presence of a brand or organization within a specific multicultural group heavily depends on the organization’s ability to understand little nuances that make the individual as well as the group accept the brand as their own.

Mergers and acquisitions in the financial services sector facilitated by the Bank Modernization Act of 1999 have resulted in the formation of mega-databases, which consist of massive amounts of information on a large number of customers, increasing the efficiency of advertising efforts using brand and direct marketing techniques. We leverage client internal data, KPIs, as well as advertising industry ROI mechanisms to generate new customers, retain existing and also help our clients recruit the right talent.

How We Can Help

We segment the market, identify the best target groups for your products and develop a messaging strategy as well as a media mix that target groups will respond best to. Many of our specialists come from a financial industry, which helps us marry industry knowledge with marketing savvy.


Since sports fans tend to be brand loyal for longer, the sports industry must approach each fan as a long term commitment to improve overall lifetime value. When fans are approached in strategic ways that appeal to their particular interest in that sport, our clients find that our approach helps to improve new customer acquisitions, ROI, incremental sales, engagement scores, and the lifetime value of a fan.

How We Can Help

We work closely with our clients to filter the wide range of sports fans into digestible segments that can be more precisely targeted. Then, depending on the strategy for particular campaigns, we incorporate more obscure segments that our clients rarely focus on to increase acquisition potential. We integrate our expertise in innovative technical advancements to appeal to today’s sports fans while simultaneously developing messaging and a media mix that speaks directly to them. Domestically or internationally, we help fans connect with their favorite brands.


Performance indicators have become far more complex within the healthcare industry as different healthcare networks are becoming more inventive with benefits. Focus is no longer placed solely on the number of patients but the relationship with the patient and easy ways of providing follow up care. While online patient relationship management for follow up care has become key, HIPAA regulations has been a formidable hurdle to cross.

How We Can Help

We understand the importance of balancing follow up patient care online whilst being compliant with HIPAA regulations, among other challenges. We help non-profit and for-profit healthcare institutions leverage cultural nuances to create marketing and retention campaigns to win hearts and minds of various multicultural audiences.


With regard to customer acquisition, measurement may be based upon average subscription length, average revenue per subscriber or user. Whereas from a consumer satisfaction standpoint, performance criteria may be based on downtime or percentage of dropped calls. Understanding the difference is key in determining how to achieve business objectives.

How We Can Help

Leveraging insights, proprietary analytical tools, experience and connections, we help telecommunications and mobile brands penetrate various cultural groups in the U.S. We assist our clients with advertising services, distribution and three-screen content monetization.


We understand that KPIs for individual businesses are dependent upon infrastructure and operations. However, most casinos in the U.S. use gaming and hotel revenue indicators to evaluate their performance. The following KPIs are most common: table games drop and slots handle (volume indicators), win/hold percentage, ADR (average daily rate), RevPar, hotel occupancy rate, theo by period (aggregate revenue generated from each consumer), visits and repeat trips.

How We Can Help

With our experience in the gaming industry, we can help you analyze the marketplace, create a detailed demographic and psychographic analysis of the U.S. and international casino visitors, and craft online and offline strategies to conquer the ever-changing gaming industry.


The entertainment industry is so broad and covers multiple platforms. Performance targets are very different between each; those in television being very different from those in music or books. With advances in technology, how performance is tracked is also evolving. Some key performance indicators are cost of client acquisition, ARPU (average revenue per unit), LTV (life time value) of a customer, and customer engagement.

How We Can Help

We look at the particular sector of the entertainment industry that your business falls within in order to understand your specific business objectives and from there work with you to determine a strategic approach with marketing objectives that make business sense. We help our clients with all-inclusive marketing and distribution solutions.


Many industries or companies have quotas, which need to be filled, others have positions that certain ethnicities are best at, such as those requiring language or cultural skills. Understanding this complex matrix of variables is essential in determining a strategic approach to marketing and in the definition of success criteria. For some, it is important to first build a bridge of communication with the community being targeted, before any real recruitment efforts can begin.

How We Can Help

With years of experience helping government and non-government institutions gain credibility with various facets of the American society, we are uniquely positioned to create cultural relevant messaging, build relationships with COIs (centers of influence) within each community, train recruiters, and create metric-specific recruitment programs. A good example is our own company – we managed to recruit and train individuals from over 20 different cultures to work harmoniously with one goal in mind.


A U.S. based telecommunications company offering international phone services to various multicultural groups in the U.S.

The world’s largest gaming company operating over 50 casinos and hotels under a dozen brands.

The main branch of the U.S. Armed forces responsible for all ground military operations.

A quickly growing American kefir yogurt brand with dozens of product extensions.

A large Mexican telecommunications company offering top-up wireless services to U.S. consumers.

Part of Milicom, a telecommunications provider in Africa and Latin America offering international telecom services to U.S. consumers.

The National Basketball Association is the U.S. men’s professional basketball league.

Abu Dhabi Travel and Tourism Authority is an organization responsible for promoting tourism in Abu Dhabi.

A high-end men’s cosmetics brand with worldwide distribution. Originally, part of the Revlon Professional division.

One of the largest Spanish food companies distributing various food and food supplements in the U.S.

World's 5 star airline. Member of the One World Alliance.

The number one cable operator in the U.S.

Offers latest designer eye wear, contact lenses, accessories and eye exams to consumers in over 100 locations.

Luxury producer and distributor of silver dining and decorative art pieces.

Creator of extremely popular, free-to-play casino style games with over 100 million users worldwide.

One of the largest mortgage companies serving U.S. veterans.

A major supermarket chain with locations throughout the North East.

Leading provider of managed care programs for the communities of the New York metropolitan area.

A leading American financial company that facilitates fast, reliable and convenient ways to move money.

An IP-based soccer streaming service.

The statutory board championing Singapore's tourism sector development .

One of the largest hotel and resort chains in the world.

"In working with Gravity they immediately understood the complexities of our business, by seeing the big picture, setting concrete goals and providing superb client relations."

Liz Nightingale,
Executive Director of Marketing,

“Gravity Media sets a new standard in creativity, professionalism and quality execution. Their passion matches ours and this synergy has paved the way for a long-standing partnership.”

Kenny Silver,
Director of Corporate Marketing,
Playtika/Caesars Interactive

“Gravity is a true partner you can rely on day and night. They care about our business, like if it was their own.”

Shivan S.,
Senior Marketing Manager,

"I would highly recommend Gravity Media as a marketing partner to any financial institution. They are insightful and results-oriented."

Eugene S.,
Vice President,
Northwestern Mutual


Have you been heckled in five different languages at the same time? Have you had your creative critiqued by a young Turk or your media plan presented in Mandarin? Has an Australian ever stolen your lunch?

Welcome to America's fastest growing multicultural advertising agency. Welcome to Gravity - with 12 nationalities and 43 languages spoken under one roof. Gravity is all about creating and mentoring brands in the changing marketplace. With its growing ethnic diversity, a single channel of communication to a mass audience in America is no longer the best answer. 

We are looking for candidates who recognize and embrace a global vision of marketing. We are looking for people who know how to integrate brands into cultures. If you are one of them, please, contact us.


If you feel like you have what it takes to join us, please, send us your resume and cover letter.

Here are open positions at the moment, but feel free to apply even if you do not find a suitable opening at the moment. We will contact you if your qualifications match any new position.

All career inquiries: hr@mediagravity.com



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