18 September 2015

Western Union's Multicultural Campaign a Tribute to Hardworking Diasporas in the US

Western Union, a leader in global payment services, has launched a major multi-cultural marketing campaign tugging at the heartstrings of its African, Middle-East and Asian Sub-continent customer base in the United States, illustrating their dual belonging status and their ability to make a difference in multiple places at once, especially their support of family and loved ones in their home communities.

Western Union’s campaign brings to life in a moving tribute their aspirations for sending money back home.  It simultaneously reaches Asian-Indian, Chinese, Egyptian, Jordanian, Nigerian, Pakistani, Filipino, Ghanaian, Ethiopian, Kenyan and other ethnic audiences living in the United States with broadcast, digital, outdoor and print advertisements. A series of 30-second ads features genuine Western Union® customers, telling their stories of how money sent to their families back home is used to cover day-to-day expenses, pay for education, deliver gifts and help in emergencies. In each piece, the importance of money transfer is highlighted as a crucial connector, both financially and emotionally, between families separated by geography. 
“This campaign brings to life the aspirations and needs of our customers across many cultures and reveals the vital role that reliable money transfer service plays through a mosaic of faces and stories,” said Laston Charriez, Senior Vice President of Marketing for the Americas at Western Union.

“Our customers’ hearts belong in more than one place. This approach is a tribute to their determination and demonstrates how we connect with our customers in ways that are meaningful and helpful to them.” 

Running on a high-profile ad schedule, these spots are regularly seen on a variety of ethnic networks, including ARY News, ART America, KTSF-TV, The Filipino Channel and Noire TV, as well as beIN Sports. These, as well as additional customer video testimonials, are pervasive online and appear on the company’s social media channels. 

Personal Testimonials Put Faces on Money Transfer and Its Benefits
In one of the new spots, Ahmad Razvi, who is an immigrant from Pakistan, shares a classic American success story of his entrepreneur father.  In the late 1980s, his father left his family in Pakistan to come to America with $20 in his pocket and a dream for a better life.  Today, the family lives in America to help run five businesses that the father opened over the past several years. Ahmad’s father still sends money through Western Union as repayment to the people who took care of his family while he planted roots in Brooklyn years ago.   
In another spot, Western Union customer Belinda Cacchio, an immigrant from Kenya, reminisces about her childhood as the youngest of five children. She clearly misses her family back in Africa as she shares her story of sending money to her older sister, still in Kenya, to help support her five nieces.  Belinda asks her sister to get new clothes for the youngest one instead of hand-me-downs; that’s something she could relate to herself, being the youngest in her family.

The television commercials are as follows:

"Ahmad :30 (Pakistan)" http://ow.ly/TcKDC  
"Belinda :30 (Africa)" http://ow.ly/TcKLf 
"Willie :30 (Philippines)" http://ow.ly/TcKGG 
"Judy :30 (China)" http://ow.ly/TcKOx 

“As a purpose-driven company, our mission to ‘move money for better’ applies to individuals and families everywhere,” said Charriez. “While our campaign presents those from different parts of the world, it clearly shows, when taken as a whole, that everyone shares the desire to create and maintain better lives for themselves and their families here and abroad. No company is better suited to facilitate the transfer of funds to loved ones than Western Union.”
“While seemingly simple and straightforward, the  approach used to create these ads—real people telling real stories—is particularly engaging in the context of this campaign,” said Yuriy Boykiv, CEO of Gravity, the multi-cultural advertising agency that produced the campaign’s ads.

“Each immigrant featured tells their family’s tale with insight, compassion, respect, humor, pride and gratefulness. The money changing hands is certainly important and means so much more as one of the many ways family members connect and show their love for each other.”


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