Western Union, the world's largest money transfer retailer, was dealing with a public brand perception that had shifted from something positive towards one that was more "stale" and lacked relatable currency.

So when it chose Gravity to create, develop and execute a "new reduced fee" campaign, we knew we had to make some noise.

2013 - 2015
Design, Mobile, Product
Design, User Experience
Gravity is a super flexible partner; this was showcased time and time again.
- Laston Charriez, SVP Americas Marketing


One of our challenges was a different kind of brand integration so that Western Union could be considered during Mother's Day gifting, a major occasion for the financial brand as people send cash to their moms around the world.

The ultimate goal was to drive Western Union transaction growth, as well as attract new, younger audiences and promote money transfers with the WU app.


We aimed for fresh and unpredictable beyond the usual TV, print, and digital channels. Our approach was to highlight consumer benefits of relaxation, convenience, speed, reliability and peace of mind while also delighting people in a fun, unexpected way.

The result was a multi-dimensional Jimmy Kimmel Live "sketch" centered around Mother's Day gifting, using TV and social media outlets in line with the popular show.

Western Union's iconic "yellow chair" was also strategically and symbolically integrated into the sketch to infer that sending money with Western Union is so easy and reliable that you can "relax".

video poster


The Jimmy Kimmel sketch video garnered over 35,000 views, which is above most other integrations, which typically range from 20,000 to 40,000.

Western Union was pleased and excited to have been included in such a modern and unexpected integration, which lent itself to doing more creative and groundbreaking activations in the future.



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