Tourism is, undoubtedly, one of Singapore’s key service sectors, contributing 4 percent to the country’s gross domestic product and supporting over 160,000 jobs.

Through customized and differentiated marketing campaigns, partnerships, and innovations, the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) is instrumental in ensuring tourism remains a strong economic force. It champions Singapore as the premier destination for business, leisure, healthcare, and education under the “YourSingapore” branding.

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After being the coveted destination for the meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibition industry (MICE) for over a decade, Singapore was quickly turning into a mere connecting location. The Singapore Tourism Board needed to adjust their strategy to accommodate for increased competition, more discerning travelers and a slowing domestic workforce.

They had to find a new way to engage their target group of well-traveled, marketing-weary professionals from around the world to consider Singapore for their next big event.

Part of this is ensuring that MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions) - otherwise known as the “Meetings Industry”- are fully aware, informed, and excited to plan their next massive event in Singapore.

The challenge, however, is that the MICE industry is possibly the most “marketing-weary” group in the world as they are bombarded and flooded with every marketing tactic imaginable on an hourly basis.

“Cutting through the clutter” wouldn’t even begin to describe our challenge and keeping them engaged wasn’t even a hurdle – it was a mountain.


We had to reposition Singapore as the ideal stop for the MICE industry. Since the majority of our audience comprised of operations and HR professionals, we integrated our message with LinkedIn, the platform they spent a bulk of their time on. Our communication was informative and engaging, and seamlessly fit in to their day.

And so, ‘Your Way in A Day’ was born.

A fully mobile-optimized and gamified website experience that allowed users to virtually take a trip to Singapore while subtly highlighting the reasons they should host their next event there.

They were prompted to ‘enjoy their day’ with a virtual plane ride aboard Singapore Airlines, lunch, sightseeing, neighborhood tour, and a nighttime celebration – all within 5 minutes.

Desktop + Mobile Web

Users could choose their own itinerary to ensure that they kept flowing through every step.

After completing each stage, users gained virtual stars, LinkedIn badges, digital postcards from their trips and even Starbucks gift cards.

Digital Marketing

The game showcased what makes Singapore worth celebrating in honor of the country’s 50th birthday


The game garnered over 5,000 game plays in just 2 months within the MICE industry, surpassing all projections. Owing to its overwhelming success, Singapore Tourism board decided to open up the game to the general public for an additional month. In total, over 40 industry publications mentioned the game and over 8,800 games were played from users in 134 countries all over the world.



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