DISH Network, commonly known as DISH, offers the most extensive portfolio of International TV programming content for various cultural markets. Realizing that there they were losing more South Asian subscribers than they could gain, DISH called on Gravity’s multicultural expertise to stop the losses. We stepped in with a campaign that brought this target market back to life by appealing to their love for local cinema.

2014 - 2015
Design, Mobile, Product
Design, User Experience
Gravity is a true partner you can rely on day and night. They care about our business, like it was their own.
- Shivan S., Senior Marketing Manager, DISH


Our objective was to find and gain new subscribers and build an emotional connection with the South Asian community in the U.S., whom our research revealed had high awareness but low preference towards DISH.


To find new subscribers, we shifted our focus from traditional markets such as New York/New Jersey, California and Illinois to trending new markets where South Asians were moving into such as District of Columbia / Maryland, Pennsylvania and Florida.

Our analysis also revealed that DISH offers more Bollywood content than any other competitor. Based on this differentiator, we developed the award-winning “Hum Hain Bollywood” (We Are Bollywood) campaign.

To break away from deals and create nostalgia, our artwork was inspired by the work of a famous Bollywood director from 1920s, Baborau Painter, who used high-quality, artsy paintings to promote his movies.


We used classic characters from the heart of the genre and saturated the ad real estate in many channels, migrating creative work from print to digital.


Our viral stunt, the Red Couch, also brought the excitement of Bollywood to life by taking prospects through an entertaining and surprising experience of DISH and Bollywood dance. This was pushed on social media, top South Asian websites, and local media.

video poster


As a result of our comprehensive approach to marketing, call volumes increased by 25%, website visits increased by 30% and TV subscription increased by 15%. The “Hum Hain Bollywood” campaign made it the first quarter DISH sold more TV subscriptions than they lost. The campaign also won the prestigious Mosaic award from the American Advertising Association.



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