How do you transform ‘The Power of Awesome’ into something more relevant to a multicultural audience? Providing pay-TV, high speed internet, and voice services to millions of subscribers, Comcast XFNITY® also offers TV programming for over 15 ethnicities in multiple languages all over the U.S., referred to as the International Premier Network (IPN).

These multicultural audiences, with a focus on Asian Indian, Filipino and Portuguese-speaking communities in the West Coast (California, Houston and Seattle) represent the largest IPN opportunity in Comcast’s West Coast Division.

2014 - 2015
Design, Production, TV,
OOH, Digital
Gravity has proven to be a true partner - dedicated, creative and forward thinking.
- Jose Velez Silva, Executive Director, Multicultural Marketing Communications


The International Programming market was saturated by satellite providers with a larger channel offering and competitive prices or promotions. It was difficult for XFINITY to set its brand and IPN ads apart.

Between January 2012 and June 2014, Comcast XFINITY’s X1® Triple Play package (with IPN) lost customers from Asian Indian, Filipino and Portuguese-speaking communities in the West Coast.

We were challenged to identify and build differentiation for the XFINITY brand -- highlight key product features that are relevant to International audiences and position XFINITY as a technology company providing entertainment that fits perfectly in the lives of international audiences.

Ultimately, we had to generate subscribers to make up for the loss in the West region - specifically among Asian Indians, Filipinos and the Portuguese-speaking communities.


Understanding what our consumers wanted, we designed a package that aligned the unique needs of these multicultural households. They could take the standard X1 Triple Play package, but for another $10 a month, they could customize it with their favorite International TV programming as well as 300 minutes to call India, the Philippines or Brazil / Portugal on a landline or mobile phone.


A big part of our strategy was to showcase visuals of young Asian Indian, Filipino and Portuguese families interacting with technology. We crafted the messaging around the benefits and relevance of XFINITY technology.

For instance, when talking about the Emmy Award-winning X1 Entertainment Operating System® plus the XFINITY TV and TV Go apps, we highlighted their ability to deliver entertainment to the entire house on multiple devices.

“I can watch
Pure Love while
he keeps up with
the score.”

For Internet, we amplified its fastest in-home Wi-Fi service as well as the millions of hotspots nationwide.

“My family
moves fast.
So does my

When promoting the voice service, we highlighted the 300 free on-the-go minutes plus the benefits of the XFINITY Connect app.

“I get 300 minutes
per month to call
the Philippines from
any device.”


We leveraged cultural events, supermarkets and malls to create an opportunity for customers to experience the technology - an XFINITY lounge where people could charge phones, use Wi-Fi, call home for free or search their favorite shows using their mobile device on the X1 Entertainment System. Cultural radio promoted the events and we used the power of cultural DJs and celebrities to entice customers to visit our lounge.

CAAM Fest 2015

Direct response tactics, as well as Direct Mail, Door Hangers and Shared Mail, were also aggressively leveraged to drive conversion. Communication envelopes and postcards had appropriate cultural cues to break through the clutter and entice the audience to open and read the mail.

Targeting a younger, tech-savvy audience, our campaign was digitallt-led.
We leveraged digital display in top cultural properties and high-quality online video ads on popular platforms like YouTube, where customers look for content from in-country.

video poster


The campaign helped Xfinity grow its subscription in a very competitive market.



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