The American Board of Physician Specialties (ABPS) is the third largest physician-certifying body in over 17 medical specialties. They faced growing discriminatory practices due to a large competitor, who was the Goliath to their David, preventing non-member physicians from treating Veterans.

This placed Veteran safety at risk in a time of great physician shortages with wait lines increasing throughout the country and the growing monopoly was established on state levels. ABPS hired us to build awareness for their organization and to combat increasing discrimination.

2014 - 2015
Strategy, PR
Triomphant (Gravity's sister agency & PR arm) developed a proactive communications campaign that has helped bolster our recognition in becoming part the standard for physician specialty certification.
-Jeffery L. Morris Jr.,
Executive Director, ABPS


Part of this competitor monopoly was the denial of acceptance for ABPS and their doctors within the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for over 20 years.

With only two people and limited resources, we outreached to legislators, influencers and media increasing awareness to cease these growing monopolistic practices.


Before engaging Triomphant, ABPS had taken a fragmented approach to combatting discrimination, mostly on a reactive front. We developed and executed a proactive strategy to build awareness on the issue before the House, the Senate and press so that Veterans could receive high-quality care from top physicians that chose not to be part of the monopoly.


Before engaging Triomphant, ABPS had taken a fragmented approach to combatting discrimination, mostly on a reactive front. We chose to develop a proactive multi-pronged communications program, inclusive of grassroots, media relations, public affairs and stakeholder engagement.

We created a communications and message platform that positioned ABPS as a physician board-certifying leader. Utilizing consistent messaging, we developed materials and communications for key stakeholders that could enact change.

Part of this was developing managed care and hospital organization partnerships in key states throughout the country.


Due to our efforts, the House VA Sub-Committee on Health held a hearing on physician staffing, wherein ABPS sat front and center testifying on the issues. Direct meetings were also held with key government offices to enact administrative change against monopolization.

We achieved recognition of the ABPS Boards of Certification in Primary Care Specialties by the Centers for Medicaid Medicare, (CMS) the largest public health insurer in the U.S. and by the Department of Labor. We created the ABPS internal career center for Physician Members and Diplomates that lists over 100 physician placement opportunities.

Awareness and media coverage included: Associated Press, CNBC, CNN, FOX News, and Medical Economics among others.



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