XFINITYInternational Long Distance
Calling Campaign


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Comcast was looking to launch Unlimited International Calling - a premium service that came bundled with Triple Play, which is subscribing to TV, Internet and Voice. With home land line voice services losing relevance, Comcast introduced this premium to reverse the trend of people subscribing to just TV and Internet.

Our challenge was to spread awareness amongst South Asians in the Bay Area about this new service, and to get them to upgrade to the Triple Play. No small task - why would they pay a premium to call home when they can do so for free using apps?


Central to the success of our campaign was to tap insights particular to South Asians living abroad. We understood that in South Asia, families live in multi-generational homes, where kids are raised to a large degree by their grandparents. Living in the US, these South Asians regularly call their parents back home, but neglect to call their grandparents.



The key execution of the campaign was an ultra-modern experiential kiosk that we designed and fabricated for our client. It was placed in a high traffic South-Asian shopping mall in the Bay Area. It was crucial that the entire experience be seen as futuristic, and in synch with XFINITY’s drive to position itself as a technology leader.

Through endearing onsite messaging, we encouraged our audience to give their grandparents back home an impulse call. The surprise and delight registered on both sides of the call was amazing, and we set up the experience to make it as shareable as possible, using #countmemories on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.