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In 2014 the 9/11 Memorial & Museum, situated at Ground Zero in the Financial District of Manhattan, opened its doors to the public. While they instantly witnessed huge visitation from International tourists, local attendance was lackluster. For some reason, New Yorkers were not coming to the museum. The 9/11 Memorial & Museum challenged us to change this in a cost effective way.


Our media and analytics experts took this message and used programmatic digital media placements that hyper targeted and retargeted the right prospects. We also tailored a topically sensitive social media presence for our client, and then created a landing page that allowed people to learn more about the museum from a local perspective.


Our campaign asked residents to come to terms with emotions that they had bottled up. The 9/11 Memorial Museum was about honoring the fallen, supporting the community and making peace with the tragedy. It was about hope and resilience.


Our results were indicative of what happens when strategy and digital departments work together in sync - we saw a 30% increase in engagement on our landing page, and an impressive 15% increase in conversions. We also witnessed a 38% increase in visitors recalling seeing our online digital ads prior to their visit, comparing 2016 to 2015. After just one year on the account, the 9/11 Memorial Museum saw local visitation grow from less than 18% to over 21%.

15% increase
in conversions
30% increase
in engagement
38% increase
in visitors seeing
our online ads