We Got People Talking

We serviced Comcast by creating advertising for their XFINITY brand, producing 360 degree campaigns that focused on ethnic minorities across America.


Comcast’s Triple Play (bundled cable, internet and phone services) was losing steam because home land lines were losing relevance. To combat this, they introduced unlimited international calling for home land lines.

We knew that many services offered free international calls. We needed to come up with a unique human insight to get people to engage with the product.


We harnessed the insight that most South Asians regularly called their parents back home, but neglect to call their grand parents. execution We placed an eye-catching modern experiential kiosk in the heart of the community in the Bay Area.

People were surprised by the unconventional call to action - “hey, call your grand parents right now” - leading to many people engaging with the product, and sharing their experience online.

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12 Markets 1 Message

We helped Western Union create communication and media plans to hyper target both domestic and international money transfer markets within the U.S.

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