Today’s organizations require a partner who understands technology and trends, and has the know-how to navigate the international marketplace. Our marketing strategy team consists of some of the most profound business intelligence specialists with diverse backgrounds in a variety of industries and global cultures. We help clients craft a hands-on marketing blueprint to achieve global and local success.


We work with clients to identify new market opportunities. From Chinatown in NY to Guangzhou, China, or from Maywood, CA to Acapulco, MX, Gravity works with clients big and small to provide optimal, unbiased market entry analysis and a step-by-step guide to success.


Many of our clients have underutilized assets. We work with them to identify those assets so they may be monetized in digital and physical environments. We create new revenue models and capitalize on opportunities using new technology as well as our industry relationships.


We work with clients to create new product lines, explore alternative service offerings, and develop new product prototypes.


As a full-service advertising partner, we deliver complete advertising campaigns from strategy to creative to media planning and execution.



New Business

For new business inquiries please contact:
Rob Douglas, EVP
646-486-0000 x 161

  • New York

    114 West 26th Street 8th Floor
    New York, NY 10001

  • London

    10 Triton Street 4th Floor,
    London NW1 3BF, UK
    +44 020 3808 2185