Economically it makes good business sense to have a solid customer relationship platform, but it's not always easy.

We assess and then build them a program that drives immediate and long-term success. Gravity’s flexible, agnostic approach to CRM is driven by our multi-disciplined structure and ensures that clients get the best fit for their organization.


Our review of marketing, sales, ordering, customer care, technical support, business intelligence, customer research, and client competition expedites the identification of CRM opportunities, barriers to success, attribution models and performance metrics for any organization.


We construct a holistic strategy that organically complements the client’s current CRM efforts and places the customer at the heart of the platform.  To ensure that CRM efforts are effectively measured, we work with clients to ensure that they are well-equipped for back analysis and optimizations.


Matching channels, audience segments and content to create a communications experience, the Gravity team identifies what messaging will lead where; what we want the customer to do there; and what channels are best for acquisition vs. engagement vs. advocacy vs. conversion (purchase).


We develop the concept, design and copywriting of all CRM tactics deployed.


Our in-house production team films, photographs, edits, designs, prints, ships, codes, develops, or constructs anything that is created for the CRM platform.  Online, off-line, in the streets, or up in the air, we can produce it.


Gravity analyzes all client data to identify areas of success, weakness and opportunities in near real-time to effectively optimize the CRM plan to achieve the business goals.



New Business

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