You can automate everything, but the process of ideation.

At Gravity, we pride ourselves in hiring some of the best international creative thinkers and doers who bypass stereotypes and come up with award-winning campaigns that live across screens and places.


By employing creative talent who come from Mexico, Korea, India, Turkey, the Philippines, and Europe, among other places, we create a dynamic atmosphere of world-class talent to conceptualize campaigns that are relevant to various cultural audiences.


We have our own in-house production department, which produces, edits and distributes video and audio content for all our client needs. Our in-house producers, directors, and editors save time and money while assuring a timely delivery of everything from a 5-sec pre-roll to a 30-sec commercial to a full-feature music video or even a movie.


In today’s world, the ability to create quick and inexpensive video content that could be used on social media, emails, or other digital platforms is critical. At Gravity, our production department is fully equipped to do just that.


Majority of our campaigns involve digital components, bringing our creative and media teams to work hand-in-hand to create, resize and produce various digital elements for our clients.



New Business

For new business inquiries please contact:
Rob Douglas, EVP
646-486-0000 x 161

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